Time to finally introduce myself


I started this to add to my profile but once I got going I couldn't stop! So I guess its too long for a profile and is now my first blog.

I started C25k to increase my fitness. I have been following Lesley Sansome's Walk at home programme. When I started a year ago I couldn't finish the one mile easy senior walk! I thought I was going to die about 4 minutes in but I stuck with it and was up to a four mile walk but it was taking an hour and wasn't pushing me anymore so here I am.

I guess I should explain why a slow one mile walk was so dificult, this time last year I weighted 21.5 stone. Since then I have lost 9.5 stone and need to lose 2 more stone to get to my first goal which is a BMI of sub 25 (down from 53!). With years of abuse, I needed to take care of my joints so waited until I hit 12 stone before I started C25K.

I am not finding it too difficult which is a little surprising as I am on a VLCD, to anyone that doestn't know what this is, I live on powdered food and bars consuming between 500 and 600 cals per day which contains virtually no carbs. So when you folk are coming back to your bananas or cereal or chocolate I have a bowl of diet porridge and a black coffee to look forward to and no carb loading the night before!

I seem to be coping fine at the moment but my biggest problem is the cold. On a ketogenic diet your body doesn't waste fuel by heating itself up. As I go out around 6-6.30 am its pretty cold out there. I have broken out out a thermal vest and long sleeve thermal top bought fo a winter trip to prague and wear both under a mens microfleece (I had to buy last week). My legs were getting too cold so I also got a pair of thick thermal running tights that I wear under my normal ones. I look like the Michellin man! Oh, nearly forgot, and two pairs of gloves, leaving only my toes to get chilly which they did this morning.

I completed W4R1 this morning and was dreading it as its such a big jump, I was fully expecting it to be my first "failed" attempt but I did it, bloody slowly, but I did it.

I can honestly say that completing each week gives me more of a kick and sense of achievement than each stone I have lost. I knew I could lose weight but I never believed that I would be able to run.



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14 Replies

  • That is a great story. If anyone needs motivating they should read your blog!!

  • Hi and welcome to the C25 forum! I have to say well done with the weight loss :) Wish i had your will power to stick with a diet, yours sounds quiite scary ... I tried slim fast once which was hard enough! Its amazing how this program boosts your confidence. I tried running on and off before finding this, and i would only do it for a couple of weeks before stopping because i felt i made no progress. Now im always looking forward to my next run to see if i can push myself that little bit futher. Will be looking forward to seeing more blogs :)

  • Hello and welcome, that's such an inspiring post, congratulations on both the weight loss and your runs!

  • welcome, and truly inspiring post of determination and I feel a wee bit guilty about my curry, red wine and chocolate training diet! :)

    Wow thats a very low calorie diet, will it need to change as you burn more?

  • think we've been on the same diet!

  • Stunning achievment Mirella!

    Good luck with the rest of the C25K programme

  • Fantastic achievement to date - so no doubt you'll achieve all you set out to! Thanks for sharing your story :)

  • Welcome and wow, you have achieved so much already. I'm sure you will be determined enough to complete the programme, your almost halfway through already. Well done and keep up the good work. :)

  • Wow thats amazing to lose that much weight, you must feel amazing, well done and keep it up, I am trying to shift about 10lbs and you will probably get to your target quicker than me :-)

    I am not quite so good with the will power, and had a take away last night as an Easter celebration :-)

  • WOW! What an achievement, You should be very very proud of yourself. You must have such will power, something I have in short supply! Keep going and keep us posted please :)

  • Hi Mirella,

    Thank you for your blog. You are amazing. My partner is 24 stone and he finds the idea of even starting to lose weight so daunting that he doesn't even start. I understand that because I am very overweight and sometimes feel, what is the point. But I know the point is that I can hardly breathe when I walk, don't sleep well and have no energy. You must feel so much better, I hope you do and you have already completed so much. I am on week 2 and very pleased with myself because even though I move very slowly, I do move and that's the most important thing. I wish I could stop sabotaging myself with sugar, but I continue to struggle. Your blog is very inspiring, it made me cry I must admit, because I know how horrendously hard it is to lose weight and your commitment to your diet is amazing. What you are doing is saving your own life, and I admire you so much. Keep up the good work and let us know how you are doing. x

  • I too am trying Lighter Life Total. It is hard but so worth it. The difference it makes to everyday life must be so amazing at the end.x

  • Thank you all for your support, sorry I have only just seen so many lovely comments. I am so lucky to have found C25K and this forum full of such great people.

  • that's incredible. well done. i did cambridge on the run up to my wedding which had me looking fab for the day but i couldn't stick with it afterwards and gained a lot of weight again. massive congratulations for all you have achieved and for starting with running. i can't believe i'm doing it myself. i'm only on week one but i don't feel any need to give up. i'm doing it to keep fit but am hoping that it will help shift a large amount of my 17st bulk too :)

    abz xx

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