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Just a short running anecdote

I was in the supermarket yesterday using the self check out for the few items I had when I realised that I'd left my wallet in the car. I asked the young lady if she would just keep my till active while I went to fetch the wallet.

I always park as far away from the shop as I can, where other people don't want to park so that no one parks right next to me (I'm fussy about my car and scratches, it's my only OC trait honest). Anyway, I ran to the car and back to collect my wallet and when I got back the girl mentioned how quick I'd been.

10 weeks ago I wouldn't have even entertained the idea of running to the car but now I can do it without even being breathless. Am I odd ? Well yes, I probably am, but does this episode make me sound particularly odd ?

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That is brilliant!


Nah your not odd, your just like me - - a bit forgetful but a heck of a lot fitter too ;)


not odd at all - agree with Oldgirl ;-)


Isn't it amazing how far we come in 10 weeks? :-)

It may not sound like a lot to some people, but I think that it is quite a change and something to be proud of!!

Keep Running!! :-)



It's the little things like that isn't it that remind you how much fitter you are. For me it's the improved recovery time after trekking up the 4 flights of stairs to my office! :)


not odd at all Chewy! Just another example as to how far you've come and I love it!!

little steps... big improvements!!



The running back to the car isnt odd chewy, but as for the car and parking thing, well thats a different matter entirely.....!!!

No seriously, its great how our mind set has changed towards things like this and our bodies too! Its all good!


Yeah it's the absence of breathlessness while you run that is so cool. I can hardly believe it either!


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