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Should I get it checked out?

Hurt my ankle two weeks ago. Didn't fall or twist it, it just hurt a little after a run. I ran on it when it hurt and it hurt more! I haven't run for 2 weeks now. I have gone for a couple of walks (shortish 2-3 miles). It continues to hurt and is swollen, the swelling reduces at night but returns in the day. Should I get it checked out? I'm thinking if so A & E is the place to go as I think my doctor, if I can get in to see him, will send me there anyway. What do you think? Any advice or experiences gratefully received. Thanks.

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goodness yes!! get it checked out vikicats. be on the safe side. Especially when its been going on so long.

I misjudged a kerb once and landed awkwardly to the side of my ankle. (I was walking and not jogging too). I hobbled along a week or so but it just wasn't improving. Went to a&e eventually, and found I had a slight fracture. for a slight fracture it bloody hurt!! Anyhooo, I was glad for the diagnosis (and the mighty painkillers :-) ) and the Doctor who examined me, well, he almost encouraged me to go and do it again he was that dishy!!! (obviously Im kidding there).

go do it vikicats. need to keep on running!!



Thanks AuntieAli, I know you're right - just keep putting it off because of the inevitable long wait! Will let you know what happens.


Wondered if you had a NHS drop in centre, you may have less of a wait than trying to get a GP appointment or A&E


Or a minors clinic at the hospital

But yes you should get it checked out


Yes you should get it checked. Take a book and get yourself to A&E, or do as I do and take a sketch book. I once filled several hours and several pages with quick sketches of the waiting patients!


I'm going tomorrow - loaded up my kindle with new books in anticipation of the wait. I wish I was able to sketch - very jealous earl-grey-sian. I am sat with my foot up and an ice pack on it.


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