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week12 - my first charity run

Well that was an experience (a positive one)! Signed up for a charity run with a friend as it was a) a good cause and b) a way to stay motivated post graduation.

overall it was quite fun - ran 5k - maybe under 30 minutes (times not posted yet). As it was cold and rainy here I decided not to strap my phone on my arm and to instead use my non-patented into a baggy and into the bra method. Well runkeeper was not at all happy and kept pausing and restarting (audibly for me). Although this was slightly distracting, I did not want to adjust too much as hard to do so while running and my running friend was male and was I think trying to ignore the whole phone in the bra situation.

this was the first time that I have run with someone else and I was surprised that I could talk most of the time.

I will definitely be signing up for more runs, I envy the majority of you your free park runs (we don't have those), what a wonderful way to get together and run, and to push yourself against your previous runs!

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Well done :) love the images your blog gave. More charity runs to come then?


Thanks eshaz! I will definitely participate in more charity runs. Winter is coming here and although they do have some snow runs, I think I might wait until the spring. My goal for sometime next summer/fall will be a 10K!


WELL DONE ANNA! :-) We did our first 5K this weekend...what a great experience!!!!! So happy it went well for you!!! I finally did a full 5K but my short little legs would not carry me to do it near as fast as you. I hope you are enjoying graduation and I am happy to see you posting here fellow runner!!! :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle! I just read your blog - good for you continuing the run! We didn't run as fast as I thought, but I figure that it is good to have a time to work at beating! I also figure it is getting the distance covered that counts - well done us!


Excellent, Anna!! Congratulations on your first Charity run!! Good luck with that baggy/non-patented/bra issue! I can only imagine the sight!! :-)


Thanks Steve! loved your blog about your 5K experience!


Thats great Anna, well done you!!

I think this makes me realise what a great opportunity we have here in the UK to have free Parkruns every week all over the country so that we can just run for the enjoyment of it, get good experience and PB's and socialise with other like-minded people. I am definitely going to do one soon...... Sue x


Hi Sue, parkruns really are a terrific idea, makes me think that I should try to start something over here... (in my spare time!)

The charity run was huge a few thousand people, so it was hard to even meet up with the people that you knew!

Good luck with your running Sue, I look forward to hearing about your first parkrun.



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