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10 days - no running :-(

It's been 10 days since I hurt my ankle. Last week I don't think I looked after myself properly. I just thought my ankle would get better in a couple of days and I'd be back out at it. This weekend I have experienced a lot of pain and swelling so now I am thinking I need to treat this more seriously. So I'm trying hard to rest my foot as much as possible, my job involves moving around quite a bit but I'm trying to stay sat down when I can. (Makes me feel really lazy though!) I have bought ibuprofen gel (I can't take the tablets) and I'm using a tubigrip bandage during the day. I'm hoping that by the weekend I might be able to get out for a short walk.

Really frustrated that I can't run but I now realize that I have to make sure I am injury free before I start again. Here's hoping it's soon.

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