Any suggestion on carrying a Backpack when running??

Ok, it is cold, dark, windy and rainy most of the time, AND I feel too lazy to go for a run when I come into a warm home after work. So, I was thinking whether to run back home from work. I might find it hard to run TO work (have to drop my son at school and at the time I reach work, the Reception is full of 'public'!), but FROM work is doable. I would appreciate if somebody/bodies can give me any suggestion with regard to a 'light' backpack and also tell me how hard it is when running with a backpack-(I have a slight back problem, but it is not massive, so I hope that I can manage as long as the back pack is not too heavy: (I only need to put few pieces of clothes + Bits and Bobs that we women carry to work), I have never run with anything on my back! Any idea from where I can buy a light backpack and what type I should go for? Many thanks indeed for any help!

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  • Hi My sister used to use a backpack and run to and from work when she was training for the marathon, she had a backpack designed for running, they fit very close to the body so that when you run it doesn't bounce, I think it is worth investing in a proper one as a loose one will drive you crazy. she used one like this.

  • Hi Dusty345, many thanks. I did look at the link but the reviews about it are not so good. I think this may be a bit too small for me. I do have a bum bag that carry a bottle, phone and the keys, I need a bit bigger one to carry few clothes etc. Thanks anyway, do appreciate your time.

  • Could you leave a spare set of clothes at work the day before to reduce the amount you have to carry on a running day? I've not run with a backpack so can't help with a recommendation, but how about looking at the backpack Dusty345 mentioned's 'customers who viewed this item also viewed' on amazon. There are some higher scoring backpacks there.

  • Hi colleyflower, yes I can leave few spare clothes + shoes in the locker at work, but I still have to carry some stuff in a bag if I am running in the morning to work, like my lunch box-(with my carrot, Grapes, Banana and the sandwich!), clock-in card, ID card, Swipe Card to enter the Office, and Hat and Gloves in case I don't need them to wear them in the morning but might need in the evening when I return from work. Thank you, I had a look at the bags that you have suggested..we will see..

  • I use an Onyaback as I am often stopping off to run on my way home from another trip and I like to keep my cards and purse with me. I forget I have it on sometimes and only remember when I sit back in the car.

    But I started running with my normal full backpack, and did it again recently when I decided I wanted to save some time.

  • Thank you for the suggestion GoogleMe..

  • I run home from work 2 days a week and find it a very useful way to fit running into my day. I have run after getting home on an evening but it makes running quite late in the evening and I then have to make tea, get ready for the next day etc. I use a cheap Karrimor running back pack like this one

    It has a waist and chest band to keep it tight to your body when running, There are two small pockets in the waist band which are good for keys, bus pass etc and a larger pocket on the side which fits a smart phone, The main compartment is big enough to carry my work clothes. I don't like to keep dirty clothes I have worn all day at work as there isn't really any where to leave them,

    I find running with a back pack ok although I prefer not to have one if given the choice and do my longest run of the week on a weekend.

  • I have two of the cheap Karrimor backpacks... if I'm going somewhere any more interesting than the woods, I like to take a spare layer, waterproofs, food/drink, torch, compass/whistle etc...

    A couple of eBay sellers are doing the fluo yellow one for £8.50, inc P&P.

    They have pockets on the waist belt which is excellent, a side pocket which isn't quite big enough for a 500ml bottle, though I need to check again. Looks like it should shed a rain shower ok, but good to marry it up with a waterproof roll bag from Alpkit or similar - 2L is plenty big enough for phone, wallet, GPS, etc... could probably get away with 1L. For clothing, 5L is just about right for a small change of clothes, though wish I'd gone slightly bigger.

    Overall, it's very light, comfy enough for me - I'm 6'. Just big enough to take my shoes and all running clothes too, eg if I'm travelling and want to keep all running stuff together.

  • Many thanks weighty80, You have recommended the same one hggirl has recommended. I think I will go for that for the time being and see whether it is ok for me, if not, go to a sports shop and have a look, now that I know what type I should go for, I don't want the bag to bounce when I run....

  • At £8.50, it's WELL worth a punt. I bought a black one for myself (at £11 from SportsDirect). I've only worn it once - hardly noticed it was there. I fancied the hi vis one too, for warmer weather when I'm not wearing a hi vis jacket - so asked my son if "he" would like one that "I might borrow" from time to time. ;) It seems like a really decent amount of bag for <£10... hope you get on with it. Good luck.

  • Thank you hggirl, I like this backpack. It seems to fit my purpose. Does it bounce when running?? I know that will make me go mad if it does!! I wonder whether it would though as you said that there is a chest fastening as well. I don't have too many things to carry as I have said above as I can take them on non-running days. honestly I don't want to spend too much money on a bag unless I know for sure that I am going to do this at least 2-3 times a week to work, or back from work. This price is quite tempting too..

  • Hi there is very little bounce when running, I try to keep it light just bus pass, keys, bank card in case of emergencies, work blouse and trousers as I don't bring my work shoes home. I have the waist and chest bands quite tight. The waist band at my natural waist (such as it is) and the chest band passing just under my arms. Its not uncomfortable and I regularly run 5k and the speed podcast with it. If you have a Sports Direct in your town you could try one before buying in the shop or on line.

  • Thank you very much, yes I am planning to drop in at Sports Direct over my lunch hour that I can try it on.

  • We were chatting about backpacks on FB the other day. It needs to be close fitting, adjustable strps so you can get it close fitting, a chest and waist strap to reduce the bounce. Don't get it so big that things inside it bounce. The one that took my eye was the Saloman agile 12 (pricey though), it's designed for running and sports rather than back packing and hiking so should do what you want it to. The only problem I have is that apart from a bit of red on the 'red' version it's dull dark grey/black. What's the point of wearing hi vis to be noticed then putting a black bag on your back? Sorry I'll get off my incredibly high horse and back on subject.

    The only time I've run with a backpack was my little smart one which doubles as a handbag when I need my hands free. It's the smallest one we have (yes we've got quite a collection of rucksacks) and is meant as a handbag. It has adjustable shoulder straps but no other fastenings. I took it on a run when I knew I was coming past tesco on the way back and needed a bag of ice. All I can say is if you put 2kg of ice in a backpack and run, there's not a huge amount of bounce but you really feel it working you harder!

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Thank you Beads, now I know what I should look for. I do get what you say about hi wis. I run on the road (well, pavement!) when I return from work so it is important that I am seen! So a Black or Dark coloured bag is not really the one for me. I don't want to spend too much money on the bag in case I change my mind and not run from work...

  • I used to run to my old gym which was quite close to home 1.5K down hill going, yep 1.5K up hill to come home. The pack a got was a small rucksack but make sure you get one with a good waist strap. You need to have your pack quite high on your back and the waist strap quite tight. That way you won't be thrown off balance when running. Try and keep your pack quite light for obvious reasons and any small objects contained and wrapped up to stop them rumbling about. The good thing about a pack on your back is you can carry hat/buff/gloves etc and have somewhere to put them if you get too hot. Enjoy

  • PS a backpack is a bit like your shoes and should be tried on in a shop, everyone is built differently and they come in all sizes. Take along a bag of things you are likely to want to carry in it and that will give you a better idea of overall weight and if it fits you comfortably.

  • Exactly the reason why I need a backpack. I need to carry my gloves, hat etc in case it is too cold when I return from work in the dark night! I don't want a 'bumpy' bag on my back too!! Many thanks Oldgirl, (nice taking to you again after a long time!!)..I will give it go with a cheap bag first and then if running from work 'works' for me, I will invest in a proper bag and shall go to a sports shop and try them on.

  • It's doable, I used to get of the bus 5km from home and run back with a pack. When I ran 24km with it in the summer though it chaffed my neck something chronic, so make sure you get one that fits well.

  • Thank you crox, as I said above, I did my first 'to work and from work' run/s. It is just below 5K from my little one's school to work and same from work to home. I do feel good that I can run like this. I think I will run every other day from and back so that I will not over-do this.

  • Great post, I have been toying with exactly the same idea. Been thinking about rucksacks as I too need to bring some stuff back with me. Appreciate the links as well!

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