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Crumbs and crikey, ran 20 minutes on W5R3 only 2 days ago so why was W6R1 such a killer today I ask you? I thought during the middle 8 minute run that I was really going to have to stop and lie down which would have been the first time I'd stopped in a run since starting the programme. But then I thought to myself (in a mental voice oddly akin to Morgan Freeman for some unknown reason) "it wouldn't be worth doing if it was easy" and this thought pepped me up and kept me going to the end. Breathless and feeling worn out I shouted at Laura when she told me I should find the last 5 mins easy.....but I did it and now of course I'm feeling rather pleased with myself and energised and have huge positivity rush which is what I love about the programme. It is pushing me but I can do it, even when my brain thinks I can't. Laura is right - it's a psychological battle from here on in. Thank goodness for the fantastic music, the fantastic countryside I run around and thank goodness for my soggy spaniel who paces me all the way. (Slightly scared about W6R3 this space)

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oh dear, it's my turn for week 6 run 1 this afternoon.... scared now!!


I think week 6 run 1 is a hard one for quite a few people - possibly the feeling at having done the 20 minutes of week 5 run 3 makes you feel like it should be easy and then week 6 with its intervals again is a bit of a shock to the system.

But you kept going :-) And I found it got easier from week 6 run 2 as there's less stopping and starting and just running :-)


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