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Gah! Injury in time for my 10k :(

So my first 10k race was meant to be on Sunday just gone (21st). I'd been struggling with my running recently only because of life in general & not finding the time to go out and run or struggling with a horrible cold. I've actually not been out for about two weeks now :(

But I had been planning on getting a few runs in last week to get me in the mood for the race on Sunday and if I didn't run the 10k, no biggie - at least I had attempted it.

Long & short of it is that none of those planned runs happened.

Thursday last week, I took my wife to Paris for the day. It was really nice but we walked everywhere. Getting off the train at St Pancras on the way home, my left calf felt tight and in the night, it cramped and pulled a muscle.

That muscle still ached on saturday afternoon so after a gentle 3 mile walk to see how it felt (bad!) I decided against the 10k. I didn't want to cause an even worse injury.

So no race for me. I'm now having a look for some more 10k's coming up soon.

Woe is me. :)

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That's tough luck! You did the right thing though, there will be other 10K's to do. Hope it gets better soon.


Oh I know exactly how this feels, having to back out of doing my half marathon, and it really is depressing isn't it?! But it's best to completely recover before you run again, so you did the right thing. Hope you feel stronger soon.


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