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Storage when running, what/how do you store your belongings when running?


Hello all!

Just after some advice re: storage when running to hold my phone (big smart phone size) and my car/house key.

I have tried a Buddy Running pouch that Velcros on but it falls down/pulls my trousers down. Not nice.

I've also tried the arm bands but find them bulky!

Oh, also after advice of how to time running intervals that's not holding my phone in my hand as I'd drop it.

Any suggestions welcome.

Many thanks

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I have an armband for my phone and a karrimor belt bag that has a clip for my inhaler and keys as my phone is too big to fit in it now 🤣 although I’ve seen people with cute little backpacks too 😊

Zara2017Graduate in reply to Bustersrunbuddy

Thanks. I don't want a back pack bouncing round. Back fat is bad enough 😆 will look into the belt bag!

BustersrunbuddyGraduate in reply to Zara2017

The running belt was £5.99 from sports direct but my iPhone 8+ is too big for it 🤦‍♀️ it fits my inhaler and keys in though and doesn’t pull my trousers down 😊

MuddledGardenerGraduate in reply to Zara2017

You got me at back fat! 🤣

Zara2017Graduate in reply to MuddledGardener

Argh I hate it ha ha. The reduction of it is how I measure my progress!


I have a running belt I bought from amazon. It just clips round your tummy and has quite a big pouch to fit phone and keys.

Zara2017Graduate in reply to Bumblebetty

Thanks for your reply. What one is it called? I want a reccomened one that is good nor that falls down etc. 😊

BumblebettyGraduate in reply to Zara2017

BumblebettyGraduate in reply to Zara2017

Hope that link works, was a random pick but does the job for me and very adjustable

Zara2017Graduate in reply to Bumblebetty

Very kind. Thank you.


For me I have 3/4 running Adidas pants with deep pockets my phone goes in one and if I need my key just put it in the other. They have never fell out 😊

I use a neoprene belt pouch (Fitletic brand) which has an elasticated straps and clips around your waist. I put keys in a zipped pouch in the back of my leggings but there's more than enough room for phone and a couple of keys in the pouch. Not tried arm pouches as thought they'd irritate me.

I put my key and iPhone 8plus in my bra. 😊 also doggy poo bags as I run with my pooch. Not ideal and have a sports bra but nothings fallen out however I must look silly! I’m not small on top either 😂😂.

MarkyDGraduate in reply to mpv1

That's an enormous phone!


My running pants have a zip pocket and a drawstring waist (after several horrible experiences with leggings without a drawstring. I also have a super lightweight jacket /windbreaker with a deep zip pocket that I sometimes tie around my waist just for the pocket..

Also: I remove my phone from its case when I run and have just the single key.


If you're going to but a dedicated running watch (eg a 2nd hand Garmin) then I've read the GymBoss is very useful for intervals.

I use a bumbag only a cheap one from eBay. I put in my phone, car keys, dog pooh bags and treats.

Also covers my mumtum 😂😂😂


The app or podcasts will time your intervals and tell you when to walk & when to run. I invested in a pair of bluetooth headphones (MPOW Magneto, £14 from Amazon) and simply put my iPhone6 in the waist pocket of my running tights. When it was warm and I ran in shorts, I used a running waist belt like a flipbelt. But phones have got bigger, and you need to be careful that your phone fits into the belt. Try before buying.


Sport 2 People do a running bag which expands - I can fit my smartphone (6.1inch) with some room to spare plus there’s another zipped pocket for keys for eg - bought it on-line after seeing my friend with one. They are unisex in size, so adjustable and fasten with a rucksack type fastener. So far so good for all round comfort and security (for staying in place and keeping possessions) 🙂


I’ve tried running with a belt/bum bag thing but have tried a couple of designs and they all seem to jiggle up and down or dig in to my belly. Best solution by far is Tikiboo leggings. The best leggings/capris/shorts ever, with lovely big zipped pocket at back. Don’t even notice my phone is there.

Zara2017Graduate in reply to E27M14

Not heard of them! Are the sizing of them accurate?


I wear a bumbag across my chest! Put the keys and phone in and turn it to my back, like a mini rucksack. Copied my son doing it. Works a treat. 😁❤️


I have always got jogging bottoms with zips as I hate stuff falling out. I have my phone in one pocket and my door key (by itself) in my other pocket. Before going out I ditch the rest of my stuff on the side, the less I have to push around the better 🤪

Zara2017Graduate in reply to Astra5

Haha I know. Carrying my body weight is enough let alone other stuff


Flipbelt, I sized up and wear at hip level. It stays put, and holds my phone and keys 😊


I just held phone in my hand until the intervals changed to longer runs.

I bought this and really like it

FREETOO Running Belt Pouch Women...

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