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Wk4 run 1 and Listening ahead to podcasts

Completed run one of week four on the treadmill at the gym yesterday i actually ran for five minutes! I am doing run two outside tomorrow to compare how five minutes outside feels before I decide to continue inside.

To begin with I didnt listen ahead to the podcasts in case it put me off what I will have to do but this time I needed to in order to explain in my 1-2-1 what I was currently doing and will be doing. The trainer suggested I pick cross country programme no.5 on the treadmill and I did my fast walk at 3.5mph and my running at between 4.2 and 4.5mph dependent on the incline which changed during the programme. The trainer advised dropping the incline when it went higher on the programme if it was too much which I did.

I look forward to being able to run for 20+ minutes non-stop if only to be to listen to my own music!

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