First try week 1 with the podcast

Well I did the first five minutes of the week one podcast on the treadmill as the kids are off sick and I could t leave the house! 5 minutes completed up to now and felt like I was going to die ! XXXX I didn't though!! <3 the ambulance was called off and I lived lol xxxx but I'm going to try it again on Saturday see if I can go further still. I felt disappointed the I couldn't fully complete the first one yet, but in my defence I did have major surgeriy 8 weeks ago and I am still recovering, (my excuse and I'm sticking to it xxx ) I didn't realise how unfit I am :(


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  • Take it slowly and you will get there. You are doing great to be trying so soon after surgery. Need to pace yourself and take care x

  • Thanks xx

  • You'll get there a lot find it hard to begin with I know I could hardly walk in the walking parts for the first 2 weeks and walking home afterwards was bloody hard I repeated runs as well but stick with it the program really works,to do it so soon after major surgery is amazing.

  • Thanks a lot X I am determined to stick to it xxx

  • Welcome to the club!

    Stick with it and remember you need to go slow slow and slower.


  • Thank you x

  • Wow, if you've just had an op 8 weeks ago, be careful!

    Well done on your start though, nice and steady is the best way to go. You'll build up over time. Most important thing is to look after yourself and have fun :-)

  • Thanks,I'm going to go a bit slower as many have advised, and start off with a brisk walk to get my strength up X thanks for your encouraging support xxx

  • Thanks xxxx

  • I started not being able to do week one either. I slowed it down - it really is a slow slow gentle jog- and called it week zero with aiming for four one minute runs and built up to week one. Just keep at it!

  • Good advice xxx thanks xx

  • You tried, and you'll try again so you've succeeded in getting off the couch. That in itself is a huge achievement! Now just think what you are going to achieve over the next couple of months... Phew, looks amazing, eh! Good luck, x

  • Thanks so much cxxc

  • You don't need to be running any faster than you walk Michelle. It is just that the actionof running uses your body differently to walking and you train this whether you run fast, slow or even very, very slow. It will come together. If you are still recovering from your OP, why not spend a couple of weeks doing 3 x 30 min brisk walks first, then do w1r1 again. In any case it will work if you persevere.

  • Thanks I might try that as it sounds better to build up my stamina that way X thanks for the advice it's really appreciated <3

  • I started a few weeks ago and week 1 run 1 was awful and I felt just like stecal described....could hardly walk. I am still a real novice but am just starting week 3 and what people say on this is does get easier...promise :-) Good luck

  • Thanks for that X I'm going to carry on I don't give up easy !!! At least i know I'm not on my own which is good xxxx

  • Hi - don't worry about not completing the full set of runs. Quite a lot of people find they have to build up to a "full" session. You're doing really well - especially if you had major surgery a few weeks ago!

    Take it easy, and celebrate each bit that you do manage to do. I also think it's a good idea to work on the treadmill for the first few weeks, for safety, if you're still recovering from your surgery. Good luck!

  • That's good advice X thanks for that X I am going very slow xxx

  • I had such a busy day yesterday and was out of the house most of the day and night, so didn't manage to check in on you as I had promised. But now I got around to it and I am happy to see that you got off the couch! Very well done!

    That first step - deciding that you are no longer going to be a couch potato - is actually the most difficult one. It is a very precious gift you have given to yourself. Stick with it!

  • Thank you for getting back to me X your support is very appreciated X there is so many nice people on here it does give me the push I've needed xxxx

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