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Week 6, Run 2 - back in the swing of it :-)

Week 6, Run 2 - back in the swing of it :-)

Even though I'm on annual leave from work this week, I set my alarm for 7.00am with the aim to be out of the house my 7.30am. Well the alarm went off and I really didn't want to be parted from my lovely warm duvet, so I turned back over and went back to sleep!!!

I eventually got up at 9am and was out the house by 9.30am. I set off with a little trepidation that I wouldn't be able to compete today's run. I left Laura at home again and used by own play list and an additional app for the timings. I think the reason I was apprehensive was following the couple of set back I've had recently but I pushed my self doubt behind me and pushed on.

I got into a nice steady pace and the first 10 minutes were fine. I focused on my breathing and kept looking directly ahead. The 3 minutes walk was timed just right and I was pleased with how my recovery has improved over the last 6 weeks.

The last 10 minutes was fine too but still hard work. Towards the end I began to struggle, which wasn't helped when I had to slow right down (but kept moving) for about 10 second to cross a busy road. It was difficult then to get my pace back but as soon as I crossed the road my app told me I had 60 seconds left so there was NO WAY I was going to give up.

After my run I had no pain at all in my hip area and have continued to spend 10 minutes at the end of the cool down to concentrate on stretching.

I feel like I'm back in the swing of it now :-) That said, I am soooooo nervous about run 3 of week 6. I intend to complete run 3 on Sunday morning now. 25 minutes seem a awful long time (eeek) but I know that this programme is a mental challenge to. I just hope I can achieve it at the first attempt :-)

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Hey Clare, I'm so pleased for you - that's great! I'm glad that the pain seems to have gone now cos thats no fun to have.....

Dont worry about the 25 mins; just do what you are doing now and if you dont get it first time you have another 3 runs to perfect it in W7 - thats what I did!! But you will be fine and if you are like me, I find the weekend runs are always easier. Enjoy it and good luck! Sue x


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