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Am I still stuck on week 7? - Not Any More!! :)

After repeating week 7 so much, I finally managed to get 2 successful wk7 runs in a row, one along a new route. I think the gremlins were still trying to stop me, but they got left behind when I went a different way, and couldn't be heard very well!

So yesterday I successfully ran for 28 minutes! The first 5-10 were hard, then I reached 15 and it seemed better. Still working on my stride, but managed to sometimes forget about my breathing and just let it happen which was great.

Thank you all for your tips folks. You've been a great help. I might make it to graduation yet!

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Really pleased to read this arablue. You WILL make it to graduation. You've worked too hard not to. Well done on completing week 7 and remember, you just did 28 minutes so you know you can do week 8!! Good luck and keep us updated :)


Thanks Fraz73. I was really encouraged by running for 28 mins. It was difficult in places, but I remembered all the advice about distraction, gremlins etc. and managed to overcome the mental challenge! :D :D :D


Hey good news! It takes me that long to get to a comfortable place in the run too, so don't worry about that! You seem to have overcome a mental barrier, I'm sure it will be plain sailing from now on :)


I can only hope so rollertoaster. Those bad two runs I had before really knocked my faith in my ability to overcome the mental challenge. It's a fragile thing. My determination/stubbornness is often the thing which keeps my body going past the point where it wants to just crawl off and lie down somewhere!

I love these podcasts and the support here too. They have helped me achieve great things already, with more to come!


Well done Arablue - I am struggling on Wk7 & have started wondering if I have reached my limit - so good to know others have been there & blasted through!!

My gremin seems to have found a voice again during the 25 minute runs - I walked twice (only for a few paces ............... but I walked!!!!) during my first 25 min, managed the full 25 mins at the 2nd attempt - then died after 23 mins on my third attempt!!!!

I think it is the mental rather than the physical barrier I need to get through - trying agin tomorrow - I'll re-phrase that - I am going to do it again tomorrow!!!!

Good luck on finishingthe programme - you are so nearly there!!!!



OMG! I'm just walking back from another failed attempt on week 7! Today I only managed 5 mins and thought I was going to collapse! I have a feeling it may be Fridays that are no good for me, couldn't manage week 6 run 3 last fri eve either! God I'm so fed up! Help!


Here is a link to my previous post on week 7 and how hard I was finding it:

But as you can see I have managed to leave behind those gremlins and make it to the 28minutes of week 8! Stick with it and you will find that you can do it too. :-)

It IS a mental challenge, but remembering how far you have come and how much you CAN do now is a big help to realising that you can do it!


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