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Wk8 done in the pouring rain and didn't listen to Laura


finished week 8 in the pouring rain this morning, I decided not to follow Laura's advice, she can make me bottom of the class, I don't care.

I know I run slow and kept feeling that I could do more than the 28 I did, kept going for the 5 minute warm down, and it felt fine, followed by 15 minutes of power walking, then another 5 minutes of jogging. I may pay for the last 5 minutes but I was so soaked I just wanted to get home.

Friday = w9 r1 - bring it on

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Well done for keeping going and in the rain too.

The weeks go by so quickly, don't they? I can't believe I'm in week 8 already.


Wow, subhyst! That's fantastic progress! I know I was glad just to stop at 28 mins but you did so much more! Your graduation badge is being polished as we speak!


Fantastic subhyst-well done. I ran in gales-not rain, but I kept going as I was determined to finish. Laura does emphasise that it is not about speed-you go your own pace. I run slow too, and yesterday was awful running into the wind, but I did it, and that's what counts, so don't feel that you've failed. Laura has never said we need to go fast. Why did Laura's comments upset you subhyst? They're not to make you feel bad or the bottom of the class.

Well here's to run 3 for me tomorrow, then week 9 on Monday-bring it on! :-)



It was just a joke about bottom of the class - my warped sense of humour and I certainly didn't feel like I'd failed, so no trouble in that sense.

As for speed I do want to jog faster so I can eventually say I've been out for a "run", that's just personal to me cos 20 years ago I used to go out "running" and want to do it again, regardless of what Laura says.

Go get it on Monday - graduation looms


Oh no! I really got sucked in there, lol!! I'm sure you will get back into running again-like riding a bike. Yes, I too feel I need to speed up, but I'll wait until stepping stones-graduation too near to fail a run now.

Colette :-)


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