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OMG I've only done 1 run in the last 10 days!

I know how it happened, I dropped the running after the twilight 5K was completed in favour of training for the big cycle ride. Now I've had a couple of days to recover from that (although not sure that Dynamic Yoga was suitable for a 'day off' yesterday) I feel the need to get running again. I was planning to do squash training this morning, but I have some shoulder/neck pain, so I guess there is no time like the present to put on some running gear and get out there.

The sun is out, the sky is mostly blue, no excuses. Hmmm, damn this forum, now I've said I will do it I will actually have to do it, now where did I put that water bottle........

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Off you go! Then come back and tell us how it went!


Aff oot wi' yer! I'm procrastinating about going out (either run or bike ride? - I'm out of my 'pattern' for this week) as it's below zero out there!


Fur lined drawers for you this morning, swanscot!


Go for it, vixiej! You can do it! Sounds as though you could do anything you put your mind to! We'll be looking out for a progress report!


oh, I must be poorly, I forgot I posted this morning, doh!

I did it. I felt a bit rough, but I staggered through it. I haven't uploaded my stats yet, but I did my full 30 minutes including a very short sprint at the end, so hoooray, only one more to go :-)

It helped that there were some very sweet, elderly dog walkers in the park and they all smiled at me today and nodded hello, it was very encouraging.


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