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W8R1 - Failure

Having happily completed w7 and then run my first 5K Parkrun in 33.22 mins I felt like nothing could stop me as I set off for my run today. However my legs wouldn't work and after just 14 mins I had to give up. I had no motivation and just couldn't keep going, am so disappointed. Not giving up though will be out Thursday to try again and this time will be taking the dog with me in the hope he will keep me going!

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Don't give up rolfie2, we all have bad days. There's no such thing as the 'F' word. You've completed 7 weeks, only 2 weeks to go :) Parkrun in 33.22 mins is impressive. If your dog is anything like mine used to be, they would only run if food or a ball was involved so good luck with that.


Thanks, the dog is quite good at running with me, I normally run with him in the morning. All is ok as long as we don't see a cat or a squirrel!!


Not a failure - you were out there and not on the couch. We all have those runs. What often makes it feel worse is that it happens on the back of a good run - one of life's little jokes!

Wishing you a more enjoyable run on Thursday (I'll be doing w7r3 all being well then). Hope your pooch will be happy with what you have in store for him :-)


Thank you, Twix enjoys a run so hopefully we will be ok on Thursday, good luck for your w7r3 you can do it.


That is definitely NOT a failure!

You did a really fast parkrun RACE a few days ago, it is no wonder your legs are tired! If anything the most you would be expected to do today would be a short "recovery" run, not a more challenging run than your last programme run!

I will give you an example.

I was due to do a steady 5 mile training run on a Saturday in August, I did a parkrun in the morning (wanted to take part in a new venue's inaugural run 2.5 laps of a very pretty lake). My older sister (8 times marathon runner and total expert on running!) came to watch, I worked hard, got a pb, very pleased. I said to my sis I supposed I had better do another few laps of the lake to get up to my 5 miles and she said DEFINITELY NOT - a 3.1 mile race is more than equivalent to a slow 5 miler.

Well done, and enjoy your undoubted progress :-)


Thank you, I will definately keep going maybe doing a shorter run on Thursday.


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