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Come Fly With Me

A beautiful afternoon at lunchtime yesterday so headed out from work to do my Week 5 Run 2. Got a bit scared when Laura told me it was two times eight minutes. But to my surprise it went fine. I think I worry more about crossing roads and getting chased by dogs than I do about the run itself.

When at work I run up a long street full of very expensive houses and flats and I also think about how on earth anyone can afford to live there!

Should be able to fit in the last run of week 5 tomorrow. However after that I am away for a few days break and still don't have the podcasts sorted out. So beginning to think I might have to leave the running for 4 or 5 days until I get back. Hoping this will not cause any problems, as up until now I have been out every two days. Ah well, it might depend if I can fit my shoes into my bag as am travelling hand luggage only. Serves me right for being tight.

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Hi Mabbers,

I'm at exactly the same stage as you. I wouldn't worry too much about the extra days inbetween, I've had to extend some of my days between running on a number of occasions to allow my body to heal, and some runs after have been fine, others have been a little tough but still managable and more that expected.

Just make sure you get back into it as soon as possible after getting back!

See you at the finish line.


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