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I am absolutely disgusted with myself!!! :(

My last run was about 6 days ago, week 3 run 2, I was so close to completing my first three weeks, then I stopped, why? laziness, it always defeats me, I always let it. My diet has gone has also gone way off track and the past few days I've been feeling bloated and horrible and also stressed because 3rd year pharmacy is hard work!!! I suppose I should put it down to me settling into my first week at uni.

I'm starting to rant on here, ok, my last day was last sunday, monday rest day, tuesday, it was windy as hell and I had forgot my coat from home so I didnt feel guilty about taking two days rest, wednesday, was a sunny day, I could have gone out then but me and my housemate were running around town trying to get stuff sorted for the house. and after three days rest motivation is really hard to come by.

I wont let this defeat me, in a 5 days I have gone from feeling great, to feeling bloated stressed and miserable, I'm working a 12-8 tomorrow then I have to drive an hour up the road and prepare for some classes on monday.... no... I can fit it in tomorrow night... So tomorrow, I will redo week 3 as week 3 run 1. I know I can handle week 3. Also tomorrow on my work break (since it's the only chance I'll get) I will plan exactly what I'm eating for the forthcoming week. I find this helps a lot.

Wish me luck :D

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Ah Jodie92,

Sometimes life and other stuff just gets in the way. You are a STRONG person. If you weren't, you wouldn't be as far as third year pharmacy which I'm sure if very tough.

You sound like you really want to make the programme work for you, so yes, as soon as you can, get yourself back out there and take it up know you can!

You mustn't beat up yourself, be good to yourself because you have a lot going on at the moment. At the same time, you need to refind your motivation. What started you on the C25K in the first place? Grab back that feeling and that intention.

Changing lifestyles, such as going on a diet AND doing the C25K, is quite a tough thing to do. Habits take time to build, and certainly more than just the eight runs that you had done before you stopped. Try to remember that you have only stopped for five's certainly not the end of the world.

Planning your eating and food buying for the week is a good idea; you'll be more motivated to stick to your plan.

We will await your blog on tomorrow night's restart!!

Good luck!



Don't kick yourself too hard. We are human. We make mistakes and do daft things. Life gets in the way of our best intentions. The main thing is to learn from the experiences and move on, and I know you can do this! You had the motivation to start and the perseverance to keep going to week 3 run to so you can do it again.


Start again!! It's not an 'all lost' scenario! :-)

We all hit bumps in the road, just important that you get out there again.

Wishing you the very best of luck, really understand what you are talking about.


Aww everyone has an off week - when I first started I got to wk2 and found it really hard and painful, I had a wks rest and restarted once I had a gait analysis done and bought some new running trainers. Im just about to start wk3 this wk but I find it hard as well to fit in runs as hubby works nights and although my son can go with me running my 3 yr old cant. Im following WW and thats been off course last couple of days as we are decorating and I feel ill at the moment But like you Im back on track so today is my dy of planning and taking control - Good Luck :-)


The great thing is you can start again. You can undo the bloating and stress by just getting back on plan. I do wish you luck and know you can be successful.


Everybody gets off course, I have lost all motivation lately, packed son off to Uni, working flat out, totally exhausted and no time for running or WW = total disaster and weight piling straight back on, so guess what I'm going to start it all again this week! Keep blogging, that is the key to staying on the straight and narrow! Good luck!


What a good bunch of people you are, I wish you were all my neighbours so we could all encourage each other!!!


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