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Wk4R1 yay!

Was a bit worried about progressing on to W4 having read comments from others and also listening to Laura's intro about stepping it up a bit . . . Was also feeling a bit under the weather and it was cold and drizzly - told myself if I failed I would put it down to these things - but this just shows that a lot of the battle is with your mind, not your body! Anyway, it was hard running for 5 mins at a stretch but I did it, and towards the end of the 5 mins each time began to feel maybe just maybe I could run a bit further. This is a complete revelation to me! I'm mid-40s, overweight, someone with mild asthma who has always struggled with aerobic exercise and has NEVER run before. I'm still taking each run as it comes and not daring to believe I will progress to the end of the program but each week gives me new confidence. Thank you, it's been hard but brilliant so far. I've even bought some new joggers today and can't wait to try them out - who is this person speaking?!

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You absolute star, well done!


Fantastic, Fittervic! It sounds as though you've been bitten by the bug!


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