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W7 R2


I usually go out early morning under the cover of darkness, however due to work commitments I had to set off later. It was warmer than I thought, and I should probably have worn shorts rather than longer trousers. I think I started off a bit quick, so slowed down, however when I got to my turnaround point I felt I had to stop and walk a few paces - in hindsight this was completely psychological. I then had to stop again and walk a bit up the hill on my way back. The only plus from this, is that I can see I'm recovering quickly, so my fitness must be improving.

I've just read on someone else's blog that they don't turn round and keep going in one direction for the whole time and then have further to walk back. I'm thinking this might work for me (so I wouldnt have to run up that dreaded hill), and would hopefully improve my overall fitness too. So that's my plan for run 3.

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Leave the hill for the minute, keep going in one direction and the longer walk home will help you build up to week 8 & 9 just keep the walking as fast as you can and don't wear shorts as on the longer walk home you may get chilly. That's what I do. Good luck


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