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Some thoughs and ideas

Post grad run now ticked off and as I was advised, a good rest was all I needed and I got a PB to boot for one of my usual routes.

I went out Sunday morning for a run in Richmond Park, about 8am, clear blue sky and frost on the ground it was lovely. Lots of runners around but I realised not many look happy and hardly any acknowledge me when I smiled and said hi. I now have a new challenge to always say hi as I pass a fellow runner and raise my hand in acknowledgement. So if you see a runner in a very bright yellow top in the Richmond area wheezing out hi and waving, it’s only me, a nod would be nice.

I have now started to lengthen my runs, I will add an extra 500m to each of my routes. I have completed one of them on Sunday which went well I have two more routes I have to do yet, once I feel comfortable I will add another 500m. It's just an idea to keep the motivation going as well as using the C25K+ podcasts.

Has anybody tried the Audio Fuel tracks that Laura recomends?

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Hi cromwell, I too like to acknowledge fellow runners and dog walkers and just generally anyone else I meet. Unfortunately never likely to be running in Richmond Park so not likely to be able to wave and say hi to you except on this forum! I also had my first post grad run this morning and am now looking to get my time down to 30 mins for 5k. I'm planning to use the 5k+ runs, speed one first which I think is the Audiofuel one you are meaning? Your plan to keep adding 500m sounds interesting, keep blogging to let me know how you're doing. Good luck.:)


Hi oona,

Yes you are right, I will include everybody

I have seen some Audio Fuel stuff on itunes and wondered if

anyone had tried them.

I will certainly let you know how the 500m additions go.


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