C25K is amazing, keep going!

C25K is amazing, keep going!

Wow, everyone is doing such a great thing to do this programme. I graduated about 16 weeks ago and still remember how each run was such a challenge but it has changed so much for me. I ran 10k on Saturday and enjoyed it (I remember wondering if I would ever enjoy running some weeks)! My health is good, I have no injuries and I feel so much better about myself with much more confidence. I have signed up for a half marathon in September, plenty of time to train and remembering all I learnt from Laura so I do it safely. Keep going, if I can do it (52 year old, non runner and a little overweight - hated exercise) so can you. Think about the wonderful places where you can run!



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8 Replies

  • Lovely photo. One of the pleasures of running is getting out into the countryside if possible. Enjoy!

  • Yes, exactly what Julie said!

    I have just come back from my 11K run, having graduated one year ago, and feeling more alive than ever before :-)

  • Hear , Hear Joolie !

    Gorgeous photo !

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Yes indeed. I graduated at the end of October and though I'm taking it very slowly I confidently expect to be running 10k every weekend by the end of February (not very fast!). I ran 7k today and loved every minute of the last 2k... The first 5 much less! Funny thing, running.

  • Fantastic, I ran 7k and decided to just keep going to 10k on a very good day! Psychologically once you have done a distance once, you know you can do it again (maybe even a tiny bit more)! LOL

  • I'm being very strict with myself and insisting that I build up slowly, though I really feel I could do it- I've got dodgy knees and I will weep if I push it and they give out on me. Slow and steady..!

  • Very wise indeed. If we get injured, there will be no running and imagine that! Sorry to hear about ur knees, what have u tried to help (mine are creaky sometimes)! I have found cycling is good to free up the knee joints as there is more movement pedalling than running and I think my knees get stiff through lack of movement when running. Also flex and stretch exercises, I do them every day to focus on knee strengthening but to keep me moving them on rest days. Keep up the good work, imagine, not so long ago, we didn't even run at all!

  • I've got knee supports and arch supports, basically I have very little cartilage behind my kneecaps. I'm fine as long as my alignment is perfect but if I misstepped slightly (before I got the supports) then it was quite painful. Ultimately my superhero thigh and calf muscles should keep my kneecap in the right position and I do various strength exercises to help that- squats and such.

    I thought for years that most aerobic exercise was impossible for me so the c25k was wonderful!

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