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Having a few days off, too tired to run!

well, I'm delighted to say (although a bit off topic) that I just arrived home after cycling 45 miles from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle for Princes Trust. I'm shattered. It was freezing cold. Nobody mentioned it would be cold. I didn't have any warm clothes, I thought it would be fine, that I'd warm up when the sun came out. Bare arms. Bare legs. Bad idea! It was also dark at the start (7.14 am - whose idea was that). No lights. Bad idea!

10 miles in (Richmond Park) freezing fog, stunning though, with the sun pathetically trying to burn through it and the most amazing sight of the biggest stag, with the biggest antlers, I have ever seen rising up from the ground, underneath some trees that were just a silouhette. Definitely a place to go running sometime. Preferably with some suitable clothes on!

By the time the sun burned through it, we were riding up and down hills under trees, I think my feet only started to warm up right at the end. Certainly I couldn't feel my toes for the first 35 miles or so.

But, like my 5K run last Saturday, I did it. And this year, thanks to my running (certainly not because of any cycle training, as there has been so little of it) I managed to get up the really big, killer hill, which is about 38 miles in (and the incline leading to it and the hill combine to about a mile or so).

Now, off for a soak and a snooze, will leave the trainers airing by the door for a day or two....

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Wow vixiej, you more than deserve a few days off after that!! It must have been lovely in Richmond this morning though can well believe how cold it was.....Well done you!

Enjoy the rest and those bad boy trainers aint going nowhere without you so they can wait!


Well done on your cycle ride! Sounds like a lovely ride and a real achievement and you certainly have earned a couple of extra days rest!


Lovely description of Richmond Park at sunrise. Hope you enjoyed your well-earned rest.


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