Diabetes Type I (insulin dependent)???

Just wanted to know if there are any diabetics type 1's out there doing this great couch to 5k. It's great, I feel and definately helps keep my bloods suger levels in the normal range

How do other Insulin Dependent Diabetics manage their blood glucose when going out on a run .....would love to hear ANY tips, advice and where to store, insulin identity stuff, keys and glucose tabs etc....????

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  • I don't have diabetes but carry a lot of stuff with me when running, I bought a spibelt spibelt.com/ it expands to hold stuff secure and doesn't move about when running. I have a medic alert bracelet that i got here icegems.co.uk/ I wear it all the time. There are lots of websites that do sport specific medic id, including one I've seen that you fix to your running shoes. I was advised that a bracelet on your left wrist (because that's were first aiders take your pulse) was best. It's great that the running helps your blood sugar levels :)

  • Hi, in answer to your question, YES, I'm type 1 and graduated a few weeks back. I bought a belt at one of the big sports shops and I can fit meter,sticks,glucose and insulin pen plus phone so it suits me well and I completely forget I'm wearing it. I think it's 'karrimor' and it was £4.99. I'm rather older than you (56 yrs) and I find it hard work sometimes, like the time I didn't feel right and when I tested, my bs was 1.5!!!!! I also find that exercise shoots my bs up unless I have insulin. Then I have a banana 1/2 hr before going out (thanks to my running G.P for that advice) and it seems to work. No real problems since then...not lows anyway. Now high bs, that's another problem!

  • Hey, I'm a type 1 diabetic too - it's great to hear there are others out there doing this! I don't have any great advice I'm afraid, I tend to drink a little bit of lucozade before I start and usually manage to get it right so that I'm back to a normal blood sugar when I get home (although there have been days when I've been both high and low afterwards!) With the carrying stuff - I usually just carry it in my hands although I have been looking for a better way so thanks for asking the question - I'll be looking back to read other peoples answers! :)

  • I don't have diabetes but used to work with people who do and found this site runsweet.com/index.html to be very useful regarding exercise etc. Hope it has a few tips!

  • im not diabetic bt have you heard of the dafhe program? not sure if ive spelt it right. ask your specialis dietician or clinic about it. its a course and gives information on how to dose adjust it stands for dose adjustment for normal eating but the concept might be smilar when excercising too

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