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Not as bad as I thought!

Completed W5 R1 today - wasn't that bad.

Had had a rather large lunch as had been at conference for the last two days. Finished early and, despite the fact I was feeling fat and lazy, I did go out for my run. The first 5 minute run was really hard but it got easier. By the end I wasn't ready to finish and added a couple of extra minutes. (Sorry Laura!) Looking forward to giving W5 R2 a go.

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Hi vikicats, just finished W5R1 to and also added a couple of minutes extra running. I just didn't want to stop. Looking forward to Monday and run 2 :-)


Hope it goes well. :-)


Well done, vikicats! A good run is the perfect antidote to feeling a bit fat and lazy, isn't it? Good luck for your next run.


Thanks Oona - you're right, felt loads better. Can't believe how much I am actually enjoying this running lark!


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