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5x50 Day 33

I was not up to doing anything but the bare minimum 5K today. A quick walk to the village post office to send a parcel, then a wee walk out of the village and back to add an extra 2 and a bit kilometres to make it up to the 5K. It wasn't a lot of fun, as it was raining and I didn't have a hat. I don't really like walking on the single track roads with my hood up as it's difficult to see the traffic.

Heavy rain forecast for the next 24 hours, so we'll see what I feel up to doing tomorrow... (It should be my long, slow run and although I don't mind running for 30 mins in the rain, I'm not so keen on doing one hour+ of slow running in heavy rain :-( )

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It's pretty grim outside, I ran and cycled in the gym tonight and walked around town at lunch. I hate running in the gym, but its pouring down a cold.

I'll get lumbago or something if I spend too much time out in that.


Only walked in town today with youngest grandson in his buggy, didn't measure but felt like miles! Gym 1st thing tomorrow


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