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5x50 Challenge Day 1


It was beautifully sunny here on the North Downs this morning - I woke up early and it seemed a pity not to make the most of it, as it's been so bleak for ages. Even though it was frosty, I decided to risk going out without a fleece - just my 5x50 t-shirt (and jogging bottoms), so my hands and arms were freezing for about twenty minutes.

But it was so well worth it! It was a bit like being in the Swiss Alps (holiday when I was in my teens...) - all birds singing, sunlight glinting off frost... Wonderful.

And I just kept going. Warm-up walk was up a 1:10 hill up the downs, which warmed my legs up, but not my arms, then a loop round the woods at the top, which came to exactly 5k. I ran it all, with a couple of brief stops to take photos and check the route, but it was very slow, as there was a big dip and then a big hill, which needed teeny-weeny steps and lots of puffing, but I didn't stop moving. Then it seemed a pity to just go back down the hill, so I went off into the woods along a muddy trail for a bit, and then back again - so did 6.2k in total - my longest distance yet! Took over an hour, but who cares, it was glorious.

I won't be doing that far for all my runs, but I wanted to start with an effort to be proud of, and I did. So I'm a very happy Easter bunny indeed. :D

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What a wonderful start to the challenge. It sounds a beautiful place to go for a run. Congratulations on your distance. That's a great achievement.

I'm just back from a 7k brisk walk on Hampstead Heath - lots of people out walking their dogs and taking photos of the view from Parliament Hill. Tempted by the thought of coffee and cake on the way back but resisted - got some Easter eggs to eat first!


Sounds like a lovely run greeners! Well done on the distance! You can really enjoy your Easter eggs now!

I did a 5.5km run this morning for day one. A lovely sunny day....but damn cold brrrrrr! Not sure about running with short sleeves just yet though..... :O

57 in the team now, isn't that fantastic :D



I went geocaching around the Lost Gardens of Heligan - did just over 5km and some great views on the way round. I jogged in-between caches (14 in total) so lots of interval training. i came to one point where I went down a track that was almost vertical - and felt smug that I was going down - but a couple of km's later I had its equivalent to get up and must admit it ended up a brisk walk up it (and couldn't find the oxygen tank anywhere at the top). A run around the hospital grounds tomorrow will seem pretty tame!!!

Not sure if I will lose any weight doing this but I might end up a fair bit shorter.

swanscotGraduate in reply to PeaBea

I had a geocaching walk too, with my hubby, after I'd done my 5K run at the local launch event. Found two caches, bookcrossed one book, scrambled down a very steep, loose slope (in my road running shoes, since I forgot to take a change), but had a great time.

PeaBeaGraduate in reply to swanscot

Come on!!! 5km and caching - I now feel guilty. lol. Running in my walking boots feels odd but better than using running shoes in that sort of terrain.

swanscotGraduate in reply to PeaBea

It was all down to a misunderstanding. I said to DH last night that I'd maybe not bother doing to the launch and asked where he'd like to go for a walk instead. He didn't hear(!) the first part and kicked me out of bed this morning insisting the take me to the event, hang around to get some photos then we'd go for a walk. He'd checked the maps and planned this walk and since it was a bonnie day I went along to keep the peace! ;-) I've got to keep my chief cheerleader happy! ;-)

5.2km here in 36 mins and a PB for both distance and time ran! Like others - it was very cold and my planned (ie normal) route was stymied by a burst water main causing a river down the street in front of me - so I found a new, pretty route through the city and out to the water meadows on the other side. I just hope the remaining 49 days of this challenge go as well!

On TJFlute's advice I started a weight and measurements log - it'll be interesting to see if there's any change in the 7 weeks. Now just waiting for my t-shirt to arrive and I'll really feel like one of the team.

Well done everyone who has checked in so far :-D

Ann x

Wow, that does sound like a glorious run. And nicely done with the extra distance. :) I haven't made it beyond 5K yet. It takes me from 42 to 45 minutes to run 5K. I think I'm going to do the speed podcast for today's run, but maybe on my next run I'll see if I can go a little longer to add some more distance.


Well done Greeners...it sounds a wonderful place to run. I also started my challenge with a morning run! Not my best runs but it was such a beautiful morning I'm pleased I did it. Still doing the C25K programme, but I hope in a few weeks to be able to start going for 5km. Off for a nice long walk tomorrow so that will up my kms. Enjoy the rest of your 5x50 week :)


I logged in a distance of 14.12k ........not running though, on my bike! Not quite made it back up to running 5k yet after the flu! Might try it tomorrow! :) Best of luck to team c25k.


Managed 10 km on my bike early morning, then 5 km walking and the Strength&Fitness late afternoon. Promptly fell asleep afterwards!!! Today was, of course, an exception. I won't be doing that much in the days to come.

I'm not sure how the km tracking thing works... do we put 5 km for each 30 min exercise session or leave it blank... ??? I've emailed 5x50 to find out. in the meantime, I've put 2 km as the session does involve a fair amount of walking.

Well done all! I see there are 57 of us now. Great result, Sue. :-)

SBG356Graduate in reply to con-brio

Wow that is impressive! Not suprised you fell asleep! :) I was thinking exactly the same about recording 5k for 30 mins of exercise...please let us know if you get a reply as I would be interested to know.

con-brioGraduate in reply to SBG356

Just checked my emails... YES! We can put 5 km for any 30 minute equivalent. Here's what I asked: "30 mins exercise is supposedly the equivalent to 5 km, so do I enter 5 km in the km box, leave it blank or hazard a guess? I've put 2km at present: it affects the day's total, I notice." and what Simon from 5x50 says: "This should be marked as 5kms."

Perhaps you could do a reminder blog for all (as our much respectedTeam leader)... plus I notice some people aren't entering the km at all, despite going on to decribe their runs, etc. :D

SBG356Graduate in reply to con-brio

Thats done! Hopefully I havent confused anyone with the explanation of what to record! :)

Not sure about team leader; just been recruiting hard but thank you anyway! 61 members now!!



What a lot of lovely exercises - and what a variety! We will all be so healthy in 50 days time - except for con-brio, who will have keeled over (or be asleep)! ;)

I am so glad I changed my mind, and decided that I could have a go at the challenge after all. :) Maybe I'll get the bike out tomorrow - or the demon Swiss ball!

con-brioGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Paid heed to your veiled warning, Greenlegs, and went really slowly today as I completed week 7. :D

greenlegsGraduate in reply to con-brio

Well done with week 7! So - on to week 8 then.

After you've climbed a mountain and swum an ocean tomorrow. :D He he!


Hi! I dod my usual run at daughters, along the riverside path, was all going well but felt a crampy feeling in my right calf about a quarter of the way round, stretched and felt ok so carried on, ran all the way - 5.45k in 45 minutes, so usual slow pace. Leg felt awful walking though so raised it and wrapped a bag of frozen peas up and rest it elevated (grandson played dr's and was happy fetching peas and rubbing it!)

Fitted a trailgater to daughters bike ready for some longer rides when we go on holiday after the other daughters wedding, and then when we have days off that coincide... He loved it, pedalling so hard he was able to move them both along! No wonder he was eating dinner with his eyelids shut! :-)

Leg felt ok on the quick bike ride, so will be out when I get home from early turn today - oops better get to bed, 4 hours 45 til alarm goes off! ;-)

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