scared of the jump!

So I have got into a bit of a rut and having had to take a break after I hurt my ankle (and was limping for about a month!) I am starting again. Btu I have just redone week 2 and am scared of getting onto week three... Week two still feels like a challenge! So instead of repeating it again (I have done the runs about 6 timesin stead of three now...) I am going to take the plunge tonight and finally progress onto week three. It's getting dark earlier and now I am living in a town centre it is a bit more daunting! Any cheer leaders out there or words of support would be greatly appreciated!! :(


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  • Go for it! While you are on the program the next week's runs are never meant to look easy. The thing is, you ARE ready for it. You probably don't feel it, but trust me (or rather, trust the program ) you are. If you managed the 3 runs of the week before, you are ready to move up. You don't need to keep repeating the runs until they feel easy (they never will unless you are pushing to do more ). If you managed to complete all 3, you are physically ready to move on. It's only your inner gremlins making you doubt. Ignore them; take things slow and steady and amaze yourself!

  • Go for it, you can do it. I'm a bit further on in the programme but got part way through a run on week 7 and aborted it. I listened to a gremlin and stopped when I should have carried on. You can move on to week 3 and think of the elation when you complete run 1. You know you can do it, go for it!

  • I've just started week three and I'll be honest that first run was a challenge but it is more manageable that you might think. I was intimidated by the thought of a three minute run but it's all about pacing yourself. Like the others have said trust the programme and if you are completing runs in week two, you can do week three. Go for it and just keep moving!

  • Like the others I've felt the same as every week approached but the elation when you complete another is sooooo good !!!

    I've just completed week 4 and like every other week I doubted myself , I started running our long driveway at night so nobody would see me 😁😈. I've since been in a couple of parks and this morning a new run by the canal , this running is such a feel good factor

  • Oww thank you everyone! I have been staring at my running shoes all weekend but (thanks to lady time of the month!) didn't do my usual Saturday morning run. I will get out there tonight and bravely select W3 D1! Thanks for all the support, I hope I do as well as you guys! xx

  • You'll be fine. Physically you're ready. Your mind just has to realize it as well. Go out there and give it your all!

  • Thank you! Am going to give it a go tonight! xx

  • You can do it! Just go out there, take it steady, and you'll be through before you know it!

    (The jump that I'd be more careful of is week 3 to week 4, as the amount of running leaps up. If you have any issues with your ankle at all, I'd build up to this rather than doing it straight. But if your ankle's holding up to the running fine, then just follow the plan! :) )

  • Oww thank you. ankle has been fine, I make sure I stretch a lot more (the heel drops at a set of stairs). I am hoping it will be ok tonight but just a bit worried about it. Have moved house so have gone being a 5 min walk to this beautiful park area to living in the middle of town.. a lot of roads etc. most of the routes I have found on Map My Run online all have a lot of road crossings which is a bit off putting. Think I am just using excuses! Thanks for your support :) xx

  • i did it!! And i didn't die!!!!!! Feelng mega motivated now, managed the three min runs with ease surprisingly! Was tough at the end but kept running even when i really wanted to stop. Thanks for all your encouragement everyone xxx

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