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W7R2........will I ever do 5k?

Back to morning today and it felt better, however I don't seem to have found my happy place yet and wondering if I will ever make 5k. (4 1/2 weeks to race for life and i'm getting worried.)

Im doing just over 2 miles in 27 mins....another mile seems such a long way! My current route is round a park and I think it might be my brain arguing with my legs about doing another loop.....maybe time to find a 5k route I can do in one circuit?

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You will do it! You've probably only got about an extra 10 mins to add on and you'd be at 5k. 4 1/2 weeks will be enough time don't worry. Just concentrate on finishing the programme and you'll get there.

It really is more of a mental battle at this stage so maybe trying a different route would help you feel better. :)


You will be fine.

I didnt get to 5k by the end of the programme but got there no problem 2 weeks after. Then two weeks later I did a 5k parkrun 6 mins faster than when I ran on my own, despite taking a few short walking breaks!

Also you will find that although the numbers doing it might mean you have to walk for a little way, once you start running the crowd and the occasion will definitely get you to the end with no problems at all!

Marathon runners don't run more than 20 miles in training as a rule but can run 26.2 on the day! Good luck and enjoy!


I agree, perhaps an easier route to give yourself a bit of confidence. You will do it!


Don't worry - you can do it! I run around 2.5 miles 3 times a week, and when I did the Race for Life a couple of weeks ago was worried that I wouldn't have the extra bit left in me to do the 5k, but it's amazing how the atmosphere pulls you along. I did it in 42 minutes, which certainly won't break any land speed records, but I kept going all the way. I enjoyed it so much, I've signed up for another 5k! You've done the groundwork, and you have it in you to finish the race - keep going!


Thanks all......W7R3 today and braved it on my own. Didnt feel as bad as I thought I might and finished ok. Pretty proud of myself for going it alone!


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