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Will I EVER finish week 5?

8 days ago, I ran successfully, but with great difficulty, the two lots of 8 minutes required of week 5 run 2. The temperatures then plummeted and my asthmatic lungs protested loudly (like a squeaky barn door in a gale) and refused to perform the function for which evolution has honed them.

So today, with the temperature 8 degrees above freezing and therefore 10 degrees above what it was last time I tried to run, I set off with hope in my rapidly beating heart. After just over a kilometer of gradual incline (with a nasty little hill thrown in at the end) I reached the highest point of my route. My lungs, which have still not quite forgiven me for being unreasonable in the cold temperatures (at least that's their opinion), started to celebrate as the incline became a decline.

Then, fate hit me again. For the third time, I strained my calf muscle. The same calf muscle. I had to call my partner to rescue me as it was too painful to face the 2k walk home. I know what you're all going to say; Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. I am. The first time it went, I rested it for about 2 weeks. The second time, 6 weeks. Since starting the programme from the beginning again 5 weeks ago it's been fine. I'm fed up of it. I want a new one. Do they sell them at Sports Direct??

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I sometimes wonder if the reason I have not hurt myself running (yet) is that I go too slowly!


Well my injury certainly wasn't caused by excessive speed. If I went any slower I'd be going backwards. I think today's problem was caused by the fact that I ran shortly after a 2 hour car journey. Each time I've injured that muscle it's been on morning runs. Today's run, although at lunch time was after not using my legs in any significant way. I'm definitely an afternoon/evening runner, when my muscles have had time to be used/warmed up/stretched a bit. Is this just a sign of age??


I wish they did ;-) haven't been running this weekend as have severe pain in my calves, it is so frustrating. Wishing you a speedy recovery x


I feel for you, I've been plagued my injury, lately it's been my illiotibial band, just when I think all well again and begin running it plays up again, but not on the first time out usually the second or third outing, this week I had an ok 20 min run on tuesday, then friday's run was hard going as it was very windy, but I managed 20 mins again. Then Saturday my leg was niggling me all day and I've got the familiar bruised feeling to the side of my knee.

Yes if only I could order a new Illiotibial band from sports direct! But for now I'll be trying out my new foam roller.


I used kinesio tape on the shin splints I was ignoring. Worked really well, so I've strapped up my calf now. Hopefully it'll speed up the healing process. Maybe it would help with your knee too. I wish you well :-)


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