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Diary of a Fat Bloke Running - Week 4

Stick a fork in me 'cos I'm done!

Once again, I've added an extra rest day in between each run, and I really think its starting to benefit me. All those little niggles are starting to settle down, my breathing and recovery rates are noticeably better, and today I actually started to get into a rhythm.

As I've said previously, I am following an app on my phone, which breaks you in gently to each week, so W4R1 was only 4 mins running, W4R2&3 are the full 5 mins run, but r3 has 2 mins less walking. I also run the mapmyrun app to log my times, and tell me how im doing in terms of times per KM, on Monday I completed 4.3km in 34.55 which is a circular route around town, today I did the same route (somehow managed to shave 30 metres off!) but in a time of 32.57, so travelled the same distance as Monday but two minutes quicker!

However, I have stupidly looked at future running days, and to my shock I have discovered that my app only goes up to week 8....there is no week's asking a 19st 5lb chap like me to complete couch to 5k 1 week quicker than Laura would ask! It's looked after me so far, and barring injury I have progressed through the weeks as planned, so I am going to stick with it and trust my body to react as it had for the first half of the programme.

Yesterday after work I decided to pop into sports direct to look at the running gear, I currently own nothing luminous, and knowing my luck i will complete this programme, be running and jumping rocky style and promptly get run over by a bus..... I managed to purchase a flash running band thing that you strap to your arm, so hopefully my impending death has been pushed back a little further!

So now I am half way through, I am completely and utterly shocked that my body and will power have allowed me to stick at this.....not only with the running, but the calorie counting too, granted I have eaten some rubbish (pizza, kebab) over the weeks, but it's all been counted and I have been losing 2-3lb each week, my goal of 18st and 5k by Christmas is bang on track, and I hope to be able to sit down to a huge turkey dinner knowing that I have not only met my targets, but smashed them...... Pass the cranberry will you?

I know I waffle, but like to get things off my chest! during this mornings run, not only did I set a few things straight in my head as I am sure we all do, but I actually realised that for the past 14 years or so I have hated my body and how I looked, blaming everything else but not doing anything about it. Found myself singing a Tim Minchin song, Its 34 years old, and it changed alot since it was new, done stuff its not supposed to do, I sometimes try to fill it up with wine, it's not perfect but it's mine.....I think I'm actually starting to like myself again....

Anyway enough of my random warbling....

See you at the finish line....

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It's not perfect, but it's mine . . . brilliant blogpost, brilliant attitude, well done on your achievements thus far! When they pass me the cranberries this Christmas I'll be thinking of you and all the other amazing people on this blog.



you are a star mate, and certainly going in the right direction, no one said it was going to be easy but your certainly pushing through, it will get easier and believe me it is amazing how well your body begins to cope with the change in lifestyle.

keep going and let us know how you get on.

wonderfull blog by the way


ps i bought lots of gear from sports direct, some good stuff!!


What a great post!! And it sounds like you're doing BRILLIANTLY! I completely understand where you're coming from about being amazed at your willpower (I didn't really think I had much in the way of willpower - certainly not for tough things like exercise).

My husband and I have done similar to you with the running alongside calorie counting (I use an online diary which charts exercise and food), I've lost a stone and he has lost 1.5 stones, we're both dressing differently now that we're not trying to conceal extra bits!

As you mention you like things like pizza and kebabs, I can really recommend the Hairy Dieters recipe book - the food is GORGEOUS but great calorie and fat-wise. We've been making their curries and stews, meatballs, burgers etc so we don't feel we're missing out on all the nice take-aways etc. In fact we both agree that their curries are nicer than take-away curries because you don't feel a bit grim after eating the ones we've cooked. Indian takeaways have so much fat, salt and colourings that you can wake up with a sort of curry hangover the next day - not so with the Hairy Dieters currys. Those guys love their food and didn't want to give up on their favourite comfort foods, I think they each lost 3 stone just sticking to the meals in the book!

Keep up the good work and the brilliant posts ;-)


Congratulations and well done on both the weight loss and the running, Sedge!!! It isn't just a change in what you eat or what activity you is a lifestyle change and you have certainly commited to it!! Keep up the wonderful progress and most of all...Keep Running!!


Thank you thank you thank you for the link to the Tim M song .. great to hear about your progress too.


Awesome job Sedge! :-) Such a great blog! Congratulations fellow runner on progressing with the program and the weight loss! :-)


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