I hate week 4!


I usually run first thing in the morning, however I've been away on a training course, so although I just had the usual one rest day, it felt longer as I did today's run at 4pm.

I usually do it on an empty stomach as I go as soon as I wake up, and despite leaving 90 mins after eating I could still feel the food sloshing about. Also I was already starting to make excuses as to why I wouldn't go, so I'm proud I actually made it out the house.

I found it a difficult run again, especially the last 5 minutes. I know there's some mind over matter going on as my legs aren't hurting but I'm willing myself to stop, andI dont know whether it was the cold today, but my throat did hurt a bit.

I took my boyfriends Garmin out and am disappointed to see I only went 3.5km. I feel like this will spur me on a bit, however as I'm struggling with the runs I don't think I could actually go any quicker. However I am looking forward to charting my future runs and hopefully seeing an improvement.

I'm off to Japan for 48 hours tomorrow, and am going to try to squeeze in W5R1 while I'm there if I can. I havent even looked what W5 entails, maybe for the best!


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11 Replies

  • If it's any help, I hated W4 too especially R1 when I didn't even get the last 5 minute run before having to give up. But I did R2 and R3 fine and I can scarcely believe that I have just don W5R1 with no problem at all! Well that's not exactly true but it was way easier than I expected.

  • Ah thanks for that, good to know I'm not alone. Maybe I won't dread the next one quite so much! Well done on completing W5R1, and good luck for W5 R2!

  • I also hated week 4, it's a big step up and much harder work than the previous weeks in my opinion.

  • You're doing brilliantly! I did w4r1 yesterday and was thrilled I coped as found w3r3 difficult; sore knees, ankles etc, but like you, I'm keeping going...I'm dojng about 3.5k at most...but we'll all get there if we just keep on trying! :-)

  • Each week has its own set of challenges for me. YOU DID IT! Wishing you the best as you begin week 5! :-)

  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the support. In fact I think this community is great - were all in it together!

  • You ONLY did 3.5K in W4R3, only?????? Now you've made me feel bad, you do the same distance in 25 minutes of alternate running and walking that I do in 25 minutes all running! Laura's been telling me that speed is not the thing, just getting out there, building stamina and keeping going is what we're aiming for. Don't worry about the distance, you're doing great!

  • I did go quicker today than I have before because I made a real effort to power walk up a hill, just so I wouldn't have to run up it!

    Beads you're doing great yourself to be running for 25 mins - I can't even picture myself doing that! Honestly I believe speed isn't the thing, my personal aim is to be able to run for 30mins (or even 25 mins!). None of us can really compare ourselves to each other as there's so many differing factors. You are already an inspiration to me as you're way past where I am. Keep up the good work, and keep on running x

  • I remember Laura saying something like thus is week we get serious and thinking maybe I should go home. It's a tough week but you build a lot of stamina in it. I think your speed is great.

  • I hated week 4 too, so much that I took a two week break and have only just finished W4R3 today. Take a break if you need, we aren't all perfect. Enjoy Japan!!

  • Just keep going do when you can I should have done w4 r 3 today but just not fitted in so think I ll be up early tomorrow.....3.5 k that's amazing well done.

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