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A big improvement and a lot less pain (in the bum)

So things have improved since yesterday's low point (literally) where the pain in my piriformis muscle meant I couldn't get up off the floor.

I've been doing my piriformis stretches regularly and using some deep freeze patches on my backside whilst at work and using the spray in the evening.

The muscle seems to have relaxed a lot today. Yesterday evening you could feel and see a lump the size of a golf ball (eek!) whereas now it hardly noticeable :-)

I've been really fed up that I couldn't run this morning as usual, it's startling how running has become something that I'm now craving. As tempting as it would be to think that I'm suddenly cured and go running in the next couple of days, I know that I need to rest a little while longer.

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Glad to hear you are improving Clare but do take your own advice and wait until you are properly well again. I hadn't realised just how addictive this running lark was either. But another day or twos rest and stretching will do you the world of good.


I think I may have a similar, if milder, form of this too Clare (not confined to the floor and no lump!). Checked out the internet on the piriformis and it is also called "deep buttock" syndrome(!) and that is where I tend to get a pain and have it now. Funny enough I always include the stretch that you referred to in your previous blog after my running but think I need to do more of them during the day and on days of rest. I find that its pretty uncomfortable to sit down, especially all day at work, and it aches in my thighs too. Its not a pain but a deep, dull ache.

I couldnt run last night because of it and am really hoping it will be ok for later but if not I wont be silly and will try and rest it and do more stretches to help it. I am craving to get out there too!!


That's exactly how mine started and it started as a dull ache too. It's much improved now and the stretches are helping.

I'm hopeful to be back on the running wagon on Saturday for week 6 run 1. My advice though would be definitely take time to rest, I didn't at first, which definitely made it worse.


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