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Wk2 Up and Running :)

Well that's Run 1 done and dusted and I have to say I didn't really notice too much of a difference with the extra 30 seconds of running each time. I'm taking that as a positive! I have also noticed that on the last couple of runs, I really seem to "hit my stride" about the 20 minute mark - perhaps its a case that everything is properly warmed up but I just feel a bit looser - hard to explain.

I am keeping an excel spreadsheet so I can map my progress with distance covered and its good to see I'm making improvements each run. I'm hoping by the end of this week to be up to the 3.5k mark. I'm not too far off now at 3.43k so it should be very achieveable. I love setting myself mini-targets. That's what kept me going whilst I was losing weight so I'm going to apply it to this as well.

I will be doing my next run on Wednesday and that will be interesting as it will be after a full day at work. So I probably won't be able to get on with it until about 7pm. I wonder if that will affect how I feel about it? Time will tell. x

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Well done, Sue!! I really like the mini-target idea as a motivator!! For me, just completing each run was an accomplishment!! :-) Keep Running!!


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