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Do I need to leave a day in-between runs?

Just did my first session yesterday - struggled like hell but I did it. I still can't quite believe it.

I have a toddler and my husband works long hours and over some weekends.

I know it is recommended to leave a day in between sessions but sometimes with my husbands work schedule it doesn't work out that way.

We have moved to a new area, don't know anyone or have any family near us to babysit while I'm out for the run.

Do you think once in a while it's OK to do the sessons back to back or, if not that, leave two - three days between sessions?

I've only just started so I don't want to muck it all up by over doing it or under doing it. What do you think is best?

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Much better to leave an extra day or two rather than do back-to-back at this stage. You're more likely to suffer an injury if you try to do too much too soon. You can't under-do but you can certainly over-do!

Can you put the toddler in the buggy and both go out and enjoy the run together? At the very least, you might get people smiling at you and stopping to talk - a great way to get to know your new neighbours!


Thanks - I also asked a question about buggy running with C25k programme to try and fit it in so I do have a day in- between.

I will give this a whirl instead of doing back to back sessions which may put me off in the long run - pardon the pun!


I tried too much too soon and had to take a week off through injury before I could get back on track, it's definitely best go by the programme and don't forget your 2 day break :)


I would strongly advise against running two days in a row, our bodies need time to recover especially when you are so new to running to, this helps prevent injuries.

Running with a buggy is really catching on, we have about 4 or 5 parents who run with their little ones, in I might add specially designed running buggies. Keep your little safe at all times. One of our lovely young dads has two toddlers in a double running buggy. I love to stop and chat to them before the event. After the run they are too busy eating their treat prize for being soooo fast!! ;) Some Parkruns are more suitable, ours is all paved beach front and very flat so its ideal. Its worth checking out your local Parkrun a bit later on, you may well meet some nice new friends and they most certainly will welcome along a new runner.


Another possible option. Many council gyms have creches - our local one was brilliant when mine were little - and maybe you could do some of the runs on a treadmill. Definitely agree with Oldgirl that you need the rest days especially at first as your body adapts to the exercise. It's no harm to leave an extra day or two between some runs - you'll still get there just take a little bit longer. Lots of people (me included) take longer than 9 weeks to get to week 9 and there's no harm in that. You'll have the rest of your life for races! Good luck and hope you and little'un enjoy the running! :-)


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