When is the best time to start park runs?

Hi all,

I have signed up to park runs but I am unsure when the best time is to go to my first one. I will be going out for my week 6 run 2 tomorrow and was hoping to go along to my first park run after graduation which all being well will be the end of January. I plan to only do the park runs on the Saturday that my run normally falls on which the first one is the 11th feb.

Is this too soon? And will it matter if it takes me longer than 30 minutes?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am quite unsure as to what will be best.


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18 Replies

  • I did my first park run a couple of weeks ago . I completed the run in just over 35 min & was last lol . But you know nobody cares & everybody is very supportive & friendly . I graduated end of November . I would say it's a perfect time to do your run when you graduate . I wanted to do another sat , but I'm injured so can't . It will give you a goal . Good luck with it & happy new year .

  • Thank you Rockette, I know I am going to be way over the 30 minutes but I also really would like to go to one. My nearest one is Southsea so I think I will set the 11th of February as my first park run date :)

    Oh I feel excited about it already!

  • Hello. I am very close to Southsea and I didn't know they did one! Whereabouts is it? I did my first one at Staunton Country Park (Havant) way in May I think. I was in week 9 at the time so felt reasonably confident I could keep going for 5K. I made it round in just over 34 minutes and haven't got any quicker since, much to my frustration! Go for it!

  • Hi Pam,

    According to the park run website there is a park run every Saturday at 9am. They meet at Rocksby cafe near something called speakers corner on Southsea water front. The run itself starts there and goes the length of the esplanade up to the royal marine barracks and back. :)

  • Thanks for the info. Might check it out sometime. :)

  • Yes I registered. & then I was too scared to do it . I did a dummy run one day on my own & did that in 36 min , the park is only at the end of our road so I'm lucky . You will love it . I can't wait to do another . Good luck with the rest of your runs .

  • I am within cycling distance so it's not too far. I cannot wait to go for my run tomorrow morning, I am so surprised at how much I am enjoying it.

  • I'm really fed up, sat here feeling sorry for myself , because I can't run because of sprained ankle. No running for 2 wks . I'm like you I love it , & I'm paying the price for doing too much too soon . Been exceeding my distances too quick .

  • Oh sorry to hear that :(

    One of the reasons I asked about doing a park run is because I am worried if I push to quick that I might pick up an injury. I am very reliant on Laura at the moment. I think I might feel quite lost without her once I graduate. I have found a 5k to 10k app but I am planning to take my time in progressing through it.

    Do you have any idea of when you will be able to run again?

  • Doc said two wks . I've had to take time off work , because I could hardly walk . I can walk on it now with a slight limp . I'm getting my bike out .can ride my bike from thurs . & swim you will soon get used to running with out Laura , I felt like you at first .

  • My advice would be when you feel ready and it doesn't matter one iota if it takes you longer than 30 minutes. 5K is good to run to eventually increase speed but go at a pace that's comfortable. The park run is relatively non competitive and a nice atmosphere. Races, in general, are about you as an individual. Don't worry about time use your first timing as a benchmark. Some weeks you'll run faster other weeks slower. Good luck :-)

  • I ran a park run on about week 3 first time I did the program. Park runs are just about running with others.

  • I've known people on here do parkruns when they were part way through the programme, they were happy to run/walk it - in fact when marshalling I've seen plenty do it this way. Personally I waited until I was confident I could do 5k without stopping which was a few weeks post-grad, I was nervous but absolutely no reason to be. If you check out the results page of your local parkrun you'll see how many people take longer than 30 mins, it varies from place to place, but might reassure you. Enjoy it!

  • I dont thi nk I will ever get to 30 mins I did my 1st park run in wk 9 in 38.37 and yesterday did 7th parkrun in 35.39 I am always in last few ( yesterday there were 480 runners) but dont care now I just love the atmosphere. I agree with Notbad about checking results but honestly we slow ones get the biggest claps from volunteers and faster runners. Feb sounds good goal to aim for Let us know how you get on

  • Thanks for your response fit for 60. I went along to my first one yesterday. It was amazing although hard going! Iwan Thomas was running the same parkrun, I came in at 37.19 which wasn't bad considering half of it was uphill and the mud and puddles were everywhere. I got the email yesterday evening to say I came 5th out of my age group and I was the quickest first timer which boosted my confidence. Going to next one this Saturday but I am trying another venue.

  • What a numpty I am . I read your post earlier! Anyway massive congrat for doing uphill My run is really flat thank goodness Not sure if you know but if you click on top of age grading column your race position might change -- mine gets better so good for confidence -one of advantages of getting older Its explained better on site Good luck for sat

  • Oh I didn't know that, I will have a look. :)

  • Hi

    I graduated October last year , and only found out about park run in November and signed up to my local run in Porirua NZ. To date i have done 6 runs and can't think of a better way to start the weekend. Like yourself i was nervous at first, but have found the people at the run to be supportive and welcoming and it doesn't matter how long you take there is always someone there to cheer you on. my advice to you is just bite the bullet and go for it and enjoy the friendship.

    Kia kaha(stay strong)

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