W7R3 - I'm not road kill !

I appreciated that these runs away from home would contrast somewhat with my usual English countryside runs but I hadn't anticipated the subtle ways that they do differ.

I'd used Texas as the theme of my play list and set off this morning with Lyle Lovett telling me "That's right you're not from Texas but Texas loves you anyhow". But here's difference number one: There are no pavements in Texas. From driving around these parts in the past I'd noticed but it had been a passing observation rather than a potential hazard.

The lack of road edgings forced me to run on the road and whilst most Texans politely used some of the other 60yds of concrete they had available for missing me, at least two seemed to think I was eligible for road kill. I just hopped onto the scrub land to avoid them and hoped they didn't have any guns on the next time around.

Buddy Holly with "Peggy Sue" faded out to Ry Cooder and David Lindley letting me know that "Jesus was on the mainline" and I could tell him what I want. I'm an atheist but I do like this song because of the fantastic musician ship exhibited by both artists and of course Ry Cooder wrote the famous theme tune to Paris Texas, hence a slightly tenuous connection to Texas but enough to get an inclusion on my list.

I was now about half way and Endomondo confirmed it was over 13 minutes. No sign of the good ol' boys coming back with their guns as I ran back up hill towards the hotel with Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Scuttle Butting" and then "The Travelling Wilburys - Handle me with care" (I'll be impressed if anyone can work out that connection to Texas).

There was a distinct lack of wildlife on the run aside from a very bright red bird about the size of a blackbird but I had no idea what it was. Another couple of songs got me back to the hotel and I was very pleased to learn that Endomondo recorded 27 mins and 47 secs, I hadn't intended to go that far but it's a good omen for Tuesday's W8 start.

I was sweating like a dog as I came back into the air conditioned reception. The other contrast I hadn't mentioned is that the temperature here is like a hot summer in the UK.

Have a good week I'll try and blog on Tuesday if I can get to run.


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16 Replies

  • O that is a good effort!

    I remember trying to go for a walk in Pismo Beach (our hotel was miles from the beach but we thought we would have a nice evneing walk to the pier) and we got stopped by the law and told to stop it!

  • lol Deryn, I kept imagining someone would stop me and ask what I thought I was doing but I did pass one other runner on the way back who waved at me, so I don't think it's illegal ;-)

  • Welcome to America!! :-) I don't think that they were trying to hit you so much as trying to urge you along!!! :-) A slight bump just to push you a bit more along your way!!! Happy Running!!

  • I thought I was being sensible by running towards the oncoming traffic, the very few cars that there were, but a couple seemed to either not see me or decided that if I was on the road running me over was ok.

  • Oh dear do be careful, Chewy... those big American cars...

    Come home safe :-)

  • Thanks Mitts I will. The road is relatively straight so I get plenty of warning.

  • Well done Chewy. That is just fantastic. Hope you can keep it up. It certainly sounds good that you are getting so far given the state of the roads and the threat to life and limb from the local road users. Keep running!

  • Thanks Janda I will. The road I ran on looks relatively new and it's only a side road I'm sure.

  • Rather you than me in the heat! But well done!!!

    Lefty Wilbury aka Roy Orbison was born on April 23, 1936 in Vernon, Texas... Do I win a prize? Huh? Did I hear right? My prize is a 60 minute run?

  • Brilliant Beads and absolutely right. Indeed, first prize is a 60 minute run :)

  • Good on you Chewy -- you reminded me of when I tried to walk to a supermarket in Oakland once. No pavements and lots of big cars that kept stopping and asking me if I wanted a ride :-) TAKE CARE!

  • I know what you mean Delia, it's us British, we just assumed that the rest of world must work the same way as we do back home.

  • One guy - in Oakland 1999 - stopped and obviously didn't realise I was an academic, but that I partook in quite different type of [illegal]employment (just because I was walking, I suppose, as I was quite covered up). So I told him, as I had seen in films, to "back off". He retortesd "Australian are you?"

    I rest my case. BTW, I'm from the Smoke.

  • Now you why we two Americans hang out with all of you on this board! Welcome to the U.S. chewy! From fast food to vehicles, we super-size everything! Sounds like a great run! Well done! Where are you hanging out in Texas?

  • Thanks Gayle, I'm in Houston, Texas which is a nice enough place, certainly the locals are very welcoming and intrigued by our accents. I have to keep explaining that we're English, we don't have accents, it's you that have accents ;-)

  • Loved your blog, Chewy! The lack of pavements in America is something else. I can only conclude that very few people walk or run along the roads and that they all go into the parks or the big blue yonder for their recreational exercise!!!! Do be careful, remember the Good Ole Boys!

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