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What was I thinking!!

My plan was to start week 2 on Saturday, however, what was supposed to be one glass of wine with friends turned into numerous glasses and then onto the cocktails! Needless to say, Saturday arrived and I was suffering! I instead decided to head out today!

I was expecting the change of running pattern to hurt but OH MY GOD I struggled!! Did everyone else struggle this much? And am I gonna suffer this every time I start a new week? I finished week one feeling great, perhaps all of Friday nights over indulgence has come back to haunt me!

I can't help but feel this has set me back! I'm dreading Tuesday already!! I anyone has seen my motivation I'd be very grateful if you could return it to me, sooner rather than later!!! Failing that, any hints or tips would be amazing and welcomed with open arms! Next weekend will be BOOZE FREE! There's no danger I'm doing this to myself again any time soon.... Getting this Beyonce body is proving harder than originally anticipated!!!

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Don't despair, nocolew! It may be that your body has needed a bit longer to get over the alcohol! I find even if I have one glass of wine it affects me if I'm running the next day so I don't drink the night before a run! I'm sure the older I get the less I can drink anyway! To be honest I love my food so if its a choice between calories from wine or calories from chocolate then I'd often choose the chocolate! Good luck with the rest of the programme!


Thanks oona,just gonna have to lay off the booze all in the name of C25K!!


Just think how great you will look by the end of the year!!


Thanks dragon84! It's no doubt gonna be a bumpy journey!!


Been there...done that!! ;-) Running and a hangover wasn't a good experience for me, either!

Some runs are just dreadful, nicole. My W8R2 was an absolute disaster!! You have come a long way and this is just one run!! This is simply a little bump along the way!! Your body is prepared and improving with every run and I am sure that you will find that your next run is closer to what you expect!!

Keep Running!!!!!


Thanks smhall! Ill drag my ass out of bed on Tuesday and hope isn't as much of a disaster as today!


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