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Did W1D3 - in daylight hours too :-)

So, just got back from third run of week 1. Managed to run all the way to the main park in the town centre to a bit I've never been to before. And for the first time I ran in daylight! I don't want to get ahead of myself but I've noticed that my strides are getting a bit bigger, and I'm lifting my feet more off the ground!! In today's session, I was feeling knackered by the second run and then I don't know what happened but I felt like I could keep going even after Laura told me to walk - but I didn't want to knacker myself out so I just listened and went with the instructions. The most difficult thing I am finding is timing my run, today I finished a little further from my apartment but I did the full warm down and a bit more, normally I don't complete the full warm down as I finish too close to my place. Anyway, W2 starts tomorrow (I know I am supposed to have a rest day but didn't manage my last w1 run until today and mentally I'd like my weeks to start on a monday).

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Welcome aboard, running! One week down and eight to go!! Keep Running!!


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