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5x50 Day 29

Lovely morning but lots of frost on the ground. Went for a rare outdoor cycle this morning, I'm not mad keen on the road traffic still I managed up some pretty steep hills but I did have to walk up the last bit of one.

Day 30 tomorrow which will see me go over 300k I'm on 297 now.

Well done everyone for making it this far. Less than 3 weeks until we can have rest days again.

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I'm just back from a 5km walk in the dark, dark woods, with hubby. He's as bonkers as I am! ;-) I suggested he could choose today's 5k activity, but then we were kept busy with house and garden work all day, so we'd still not been out by the time we had our evening meal.

Hubby suggested we go for a walk in Reelig Glen (also known as the Fairy Glen) by torch light. It was a lovely crisp, starry night, but with very little moonlight. So off we went, each armed with a headlamp, only to find the batteries were flat on one, and low on the other! (Just as well we found this now and not when descending off the hill in the dark)

The path in the glen is slippery in places and has a steep drop down to the burn, so we had to ca canny and cling on to each other for suporrt! We made it around the circular trail, but according to my GPS that was only about 2 km, so we turned round and went round the trail a second time in the opposite direction!

But still that was only 4.25 km, so I said I'd walk back along the single track road from the wood for 1 km, while hubby drove then waited for me! Well, of course I jogged slowly instead of walking and I very quickly overheated, dressed as I was in cotton t-shirt and jeans and layers of fleeces.


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