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Wk3 Done

Wk3 Done

So this morning was the final run of wk3 but today I had company.... My sister told my nephew I had taken up running and he asked if he could join me? I explained I was following the C25K programme and warned him that Im no olympian and its more of a gentle jog!!!!

He has run the Great North Run and so I was concerned that he may find my run boring and I may look a fool seen as though hes in his 20's , skinny, fit and Im 40, chubby and overweight . Anyway he met me at mine at 07.20 this morning and me, my son Jack (11 yr old) and our Shane set off for my final run of wk3. Although it was a bit nippy it was a lovely morning, the sun was just rising, the birds chirping their heads off whilst everyone was sleeping except for us 3 idiots :-)

I love running early staurday morning cant put my finger on it but it fills me with warmth and joy x

He followed my programme but as I thought my nephew and son were ahead of me and at first I found myself trying to keep to their pace but that soon stopped and I just kept going at my pace. Felt a tad pooh this morning my chest was tight and my breathing shocking but both my kids have a cold and cough and Hubby has come down with it today. Felt like giving up at last run but Laura's voice popped up saying "I know it hurts but I find its best to ...... " so how can you give up knowing your so close to the end?

So next week is wk4 and Im not afraid to admit that I am nervous , got 2 days rest now so gonna stock up on lemsip for the cold tonight and get a couple of early nights. And as for nephew - well couldnt have been that bad as he has asked if he can accompany me on all 3 runs each week. Just means that on tues and thu runs it will have to be at 9pm now when hubby gets up before going to work as nephew doesnt finish work till 6pm and by then hubby is in bed, normally I go out straight away when I get home from work at 4pm but I will change my times for now.

So wk4 here we come .....

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WELCOME TO WEEK 4!!!!! :-) Apparently you must be doing something right if now you have company on your runs! The morning run sounds great other then I cant imagine anyone thinking you were idiots. ;-) If anything admiring for for going such a chilly morning. Keep running yummymummy!


Well done for a great effort! It's not always easy to juggle everything and it sounds as though you are especially busy just now. I too like to go out early in the morning as, although I enjoy the runs (mostly!), I like the feeling that its over for the day! Good luck for the rest of the programme!


Well done for keeping going! Laura's really good at encouraging you just when you really need it. Keep up the good work. :-)


Fantastic job, yummymummy!! Congratulations and welcome to W4!! Don't forget, let those young lads run on ahead!! They have more energy than sense most of the time!! :-) Us "more mature" folks can keep our nice pace and enjoy ourselves!!

You are doing wonderfully!! Keep it up and Keep Running!!


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