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No Longer Dry

Today my dry weather luck ran out! I was on Week 6 Run 3. So far I have managed every single run in the dry, with the exception of a wee bit of drizzle on Monday. I consider myself to have been extremely lucky!

Last night the forecast was for some rain in Scotland, but it wasn't supposed to be as far as Aberdeen, and we live just outside the boundary. Well, when I got up and looked out the window, I could see the ripples the raindrops were making on the puddles. Darn! I had too many plans today to do my run later in the day. So, I got myself dressed, got my water bottle, selected my run and off I went.

I didn't enjoy running in the rain, but it wasn't as onerous as I had thought it would be. Tried not to think of the rain running down my face, and discovered that wiping my face with the cuff of my glove wasn't a great idea, because I only got wetter. Wiping my brow with my sleeve was definitely a no-no!

I lagged with about seven minutes to go, but managed to keep moving at more than a walk. I'm very relieved that I managed to run the entire 25 minutes.

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Well done, its pretty miserable here too, so even better for actually going out in it!


Well done! I know what you mean... I ran in the pouring rain on Wednesday. I just set out and it started to rain heavily, but I had on my waterproof jacket and my warm hat and went for it.

I decided that avoiding the rain would mean running a lot less often through the winter, which I am not prepared to do, and I love being outside. So I set off into the rain. At one point I was running directly into the rain and it was running down my face, then my nose started running too because it was so cold!

By the end of the run I was exhausted, my legs were wobbly and I was soaking..... but the sense of achievement is great!


It's not bad if you use a peaked cap. I use a Ron Hill cap that keeps the rain off my glasses, but is ventilated so your head doesn't overheat. Occasionally rain drops come through the ventilated sections, but not much.


I'll look into that. Thanks!


I was out for an hour this evening, raining when I left raining when I got back and at all points inbetween.

You do feel very virtuous after a shower and a cup of tea 8-)


Yes, a shower felt great!


I have just completed W7R2 and have only had one rainy run. Surprised it took so long before it happened. And it was either do it or feel I'd failed, so off I went and did my best speed/ distance yet!! Best of luck with the rest of the programme.


Janda, I know! I would have felt that I had failed, but also that I had started down a slippery slope.


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