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Peaky Hills

Hi all I thought I would try those pesky hills again, silly move, I did get to the top of a pretty steep one only to be sick , after a short walk I set off again and ran for about 28mins and then started with a headache, at that point I walked back to the car. So in all I covered about 3k. I think I am going to give hills a miss and leave them to all you youngsters out there. :-( Pat

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Don't be disheartened! I'm trying to tackle them and incorporate them into my routes but really struggle, feel like I drag myself up them only to feel completely wiped out and knocked for six for the rest of my run! You are not alone! X


Ah, Pat, those flipping hills! I am surrounded by them and they seriously limit where I can run. I am trying to conquer them very very slowly but it's a struggle. Every week I try a route with a hill for one of my runs, on Monday I ended up walking more than running. You really are not alone!


Have you thought about just doing a specific hill workout? Don't incorporate them into a route but just dedicate one session as hill training, pick a medium steep hill and run up it. Turn round and jog gently back down to recover then do it again adding as many walk breaks as you need to reach the top.

When you really can't go up it again, even crawling, it is time to head for home and call it a great session well done regardless of how long you have been out or the distance you've done. If you do this regularly you'll find that it does gradually get better and the walk breaks lessen. When you can slow jog the whole way in relative comfort and not feel like being sick at the top your mind will realise a hill is not a problem and then it is time to add the hill to a longer route.

I did this once every 10-14 days for no more than 16 mins at a time and finally cracked a nemesis hill of mine. Took me 3 months mind you so if it is a steep hill a bit patience may be required.... but you will get there


Hi Pat, magicfee23 seems to be giving sensible advice if you ask me. Why not see it as the next challenge? You'll get there...just give it time...


Hi Meggyann, Soozz, Magicfee, and my lovely Deliaitaly

Thanks for all your support, I have copied and pasted Magicfee's blog and printed it so I can read it at leisure and try to put it into practice. Wish me luck Pat Lvu u all :-)


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