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The Hills Have Miles!

...and they are just as evil as the occupants of the original film (The Hills Have Eyes in case you don't remember it).

A mile warm up, then time for the hills.

I built in extra slopes UP to try and concentrate on proper hill climbing form, (which says maintain the effort not the pace. So shorten the strides, pump the arms, concentrate on getting over the brow of the hill). If I found myself breathing harder, which meant I was going too fast, I shortened the stride further, lifted my knees higher, concentrated on pushing off with my legs.

Turning around just over the tops of the hills and going back DOWN again, I tried to not slap my feet down, but let the gravity take me down while keeping some control! Lengthening stride is ok, but not too much; and overbraking is bad for the knees and quads.

I'd had enough after just over 4 repeats of that, and continued on, quite amazed that because I'd been concentrating on getting the hills and slopes behind me, the miles had mounted up. I finished with about two miles of mild undulations to home (apart from one last climb, the hill that I gasped my last tenth of a mile on my 5K PB on Monday).

5.4 miles in the end. 6.3mph; not bad for the ups and downs!!


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You're a braver girl than I am!

I'm currently avoiding even the smallest of inclines on my runs!


I live on the Somerset Levels - your blog terrified me! Bet your bum's even more toned now!


And all in the pouring rain!!

Nice for cooling.



Great effort, Carole! You are becoming quite the runner!


A mile warm up! Respect for all those hills :)


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