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Day 5 5x50


It's a lovely day, minus several and light snow despite the bright sunshine and blue sky. Just the day for a run or a lovely long walk. Shame my legs are so tired! If it wasn't for the 5x50 I'd be wimping out and having a rest day. It really is very motivating and I've got my eyes firmly fixed on days 33-35 when I am to walk from my house to my daughter's almost 50 miles away over the Cheviot Hills - this picture was taken before the snow one mile into the route.

So, trusting my legs to be stronger than my mind, here's to day FIVE and one tenth of the challenge!

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50 miles? Eek, that will be impressive.

I'll be gyming it tonight to get a break from the freezing cold.

Jane-M in reply to George42

I'm planning to take three days over it, so not so impressive :)

I wish I had a gym nearer than 25 miles - it's the downside of living in such a lovely place.


That looks lovely. I'm looking forward to the better weather when we can go back to doing fragments of the GR10 (a walk across the Pyrenees), many parts of which are spectacular. Disconcerting though when one is trudging slowly up a seriously steep hill only to see that some people are _running_ the same route...

Jane-M in reply to Landesman

LOL! I know exactly what you mean. Especially in this weather - I'm out there in full winter gear up a snowy hill and some wiry fell runner scoots past in his vest and pants.

GR10 sounds great. I would like to have a crack at the GR20 in Corsica sometime.

swanscotGraduate in reply to Jane-M

GR20 has been on my 'must do sometime' list for a wee while. Although hubby is getting less keen on doing long backpacking trips now. Trekking, where someone else carries our stuff is fine, he's just not so keen on carrying his own for more than a few days at a time.

Lovely view, I'm struggling to find something to do for day 5, not supposed to run today :D Keep telling myself "Must not run today" but nothing else gives me a buzz at the moment like running does!

swanscotGraduate in reply to OlsBean

I got a great buzz from my off-road bike ride on Tuesday, but haven't decided what I'll do today. I feel I 'could' run, but Friday is my long, slow distance run and I don't want to scupper my plans for that, or over do it.


50 miles in 3 days sounds impressive to me!!! :-) Welcome to day 5 pf the challenge Jane! My legs are tired as well! But in a good way! Have a nice run/walk, whatever you decide today! Gayle

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