New to this ... but loving it so far!

Hi All - got pointed to this site from a fellow member on minimims. Just got one more session of week 1 to go and have to say I have surprised myself with how much I am enjoying it. And more to the point I have surprised myself at being able to run at a reasonable pace (4.5mph) for a minute and not die! In fact I find the brisk walking harder than the running at the moment - although I suspect this will change as the weeks go by and the running times increase.

Doing it at home on my treadmill ... much to the cats bemusement!

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  • that sounds like a good speed for week 1, keep it up. If cat ever joins you on treadmill we will need video posting.

  • Hello Cat LoverSue and welcome, sounds like you are already addicted to this running lark like the rest of us. I run outside, so not sure what my cats would make of it. They'd probably just turn over and go back to sleep!

  • Caught one of them on the treadmill earlier. Really worked up a sweat snoozing he did! LOL.

    Yep really loving the running - looking forward to Saturday's session already. My days are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I also do a kettlebells dvd programme which has been excellent in helping me tone up. Days for that are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is my day of rest - unless you count work, caring for my ageing step-Dad and rushing around Tescos!

  • Welcome catloversue!!!! I'm not sure if we have ever had a kitty participate with the runner and earn a grad badge? Yours might be the first. :-) You will love C25K as each week is a challenge but very doable.

  • Hello catloversue...

    I am a newbie too. Just completed W1r2 today. My days are tues thurs and sats. Have to work around the little one. Can I ask what you use to track your speed etc...:)

  • Thanks for the welcome everyone. Much appreciated.

    Becksbinks - I'm on a treadmill at home so its easy for me to adjust the speed accordingly. On W1R2 I started out at a brisk walk pace of 3.5mph and jog at 4mph and then after a couple of times ended up at 4mph walk and 4.5mph jog. I guess that's the beauty of a treadmill but I suppose the downside is the temptation to go too fast as I can see the distance I am covering as well. Managed 3k in a few seconds over 30 mins on R2. I love goals BUT I don't want to go too fast that I get totally worn out. Will be trial and error I think for the next couple of weeks :)

  • Take its steady I've slowed down, but its seems ok, you get better each time which is a surprise. Have you tried running in the street or park yet. It's nice to get out and see the scenery change

  • Hiya - nope going to stay indoors for now. I live in a semi-rural area where everyone knows everyone else. Going to wait until I look half decent before I venture outside! :)

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