Graduated last Night

Did my third 30 minute run to finish off week 9.

I've never been a runner, really never. Certainly been active enough with walking and some sports but I don't think I've run for more than a minute in my adult life.

Last year, as part of recuperating following treatment for leukaemia, I set myself a target of 4m steps (it's about 11k steps a day) and, with the help of my trusty pedometer, completed it a couple of days before new year. I thought I'd maybe do the same again this year or just up the target a wee bit but then came across C25K in January and thought ... "why not?"

I started on the treadmill, it seemed easier and less embarassing to fail in the comfort of your own spare room! Plus I just couldn't imagine running outside ... I mean, how do you start! So I followed the plan religiously, fully expecting it to be well beyond me .... but it wasn't and each step up was just enough of a stretch but also just achievable.

Like many others I expected the W5R3 to be a bridge too far but all the preparation worked and sweating, huffing and puffing (but not as much as I expected) I passed that hurdle.

Then came the make or break moment .... my treadmill blew up. A flash and puff of smoke, circuits tripped and the smell of a now dead treadmill motor. Although I planned to get a replacement I had to brave outdoors for week 6. there's a disused railway path nearby with a signpost saying 1.3 miles so off I set. Outdoors was certainly different but way more fun than I expected. For weeks 6-9 I've included an outdoor run when daylight permitted.

I only came across this forum and the podcasts a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed reading other folks tales, empathising with the other 1962 babies, understanding those fearing the 20 mins, congratulating those reaching the 25 min "You are now a runner" ...and also starting to wonder what comes next? For me I think I can happily replace a 30 min walk with a 30 min run a couple of times a week, maybe I can stretch it a little further ... 40 mins doesn't sound too daunting, maybe 45 or 50? Who knows I'm halfway to an hour already ;-)


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21 Replies

  • Congratulations on graduating, you should be amazingly proud of yourself for what you have achieved.

  • Well done for getting there, I graduated last week and I know how great it feels.

    Running outside is much more interesting, if you explore sites like mapmyrun and walkjogrun there are runs that other people have uploaded so you know the length before you do your laces up.

    When I looked online I wasn't surprised to find runs around local beauty spots but there were some interesting local routes I wouldn't have thought of, like a circuit of the City Centre I could do one evening.

  • congratulations :) you should be feeling really proud of yourself. you have come so far in such a short amount of time. perhaps the Bridge to 10K once you are finding 30minutes easier??

    good luck X

  • Fantastic, well done on all fronts. Great to hear about your goals, recuperating, walking then onto c25k - your a graduate now, just shows us that with a bit of time and great effort it is possible to keep achieving our goals. Well done you ..................Graduation - That must feel great!!!!!! (I started walking in Jan then moved to c25k in feb, just finished wk7, i started the program in order to feel better after my treatment for cancer which finished in january, I feel great, just what I needed). Reading your blog will help spur onto graduation day, it shows its possible....... trust in the force and watch out for farmers and bears as they pop up everywhere............ Enjoy the day.

  • Huge congratulations on your graduation - thanks so much for posting! For those of us languishing in the mid section (end of week 3 for me) it is so encouraging to read the blogs of the people who graduate - who make that 20 minute run (eek!!) and then do the 30 minutes. It makes it all seem possible :-)

  • That's brilliant - a lovely story. I'm a 1962 baby too and have just completed the dreaded W5R3, mostly because the people on here have been an inspiration to me - just like you are!

  • Congratulations to you PastyMan!! welcome to the post-grad club... finished week 9 last wk myself, and tis a great feeling.. as to the what next.. the world is our oyster.. personally im repeating wk9 this week as im not brave enough yet to go any further.. though my last 2 runs have been for 35mins, so maybe..

  • What a wondeful story. You are an inspiration PastyMan! RIP treadmill but c'mon...isn't outdoors so much better?!

  • Congratulations PastyMan. Well done, OH is a cancer survivor and prefers walking rather than running but will cycle at times as I now do run faster than his fast walk :) Keep running outdoors, it is far more interesting, but do remember the sunblock and your hat. :)

  • Congratulaions PastyMan :)

  • Thanks so much for all the kind comments. :-)

  • That's great Patsyman. You have inspired those of us still awaiting graduation. I wish you well x

  • Well done! But tell me this - exactly hw fast do you have to run to burn out a treadmill?


  • lol

    It definitely wasn't the speed! I reckon the rivers of sweat might have shorted it out ;-)

  • Congratulations on graduating and thanks so much for telling us a bit about the background to you starting, brilliant! x

  • Congratulations from a fellow 1962er who's near the end of week 7 :)

  • Will you graduate before your "you know when" date? ;-)

  • Yes I'm hoping to graduate 2 weeks tomorrow but won't reach the 'you know what date' until October! :)

  • I loved reading your story, I graduated last week myself and know exactly how you felt each stage of the way - well done!


  • Well done, that man. It's a brilliant programme; keep at it. Bridge to 10K?

  • 8k is a good milestone to aim for - its also handy cause its almost exactly five miles

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