After a few set backs I GRADUAAAAAAAATED today!!!

Just wanted the satisfaction of posting on here that I too have made it. I was never certain I would stick to the programme and see it through as fitness / sport has never been my friend but I have and feel great for it. Following the programme (along with being mindful of what I'm eating) I've lost 11lbs since I started on the 21st of July and have so much more energy. If I can make it, anyone can. Wooohooo!


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  • Woooooooooooohooooooooooo - indeed! Well done Tweekala74, for graduating and for the weight loss. Bloody well done. Onwards and onwards, eh?

  • Thank you :-) Yes onwards and upwards but definitely not outwards!!

  • That is fantastic, well done, you should be very very proud :-)

  • Thanks Deryn - it's something of a miracle!!

  • AWESOME Tweekala!!! Woot-woot on the graduation and weight loss!!!! :-) Isn't it amazing what C25K can do??? This is the first exercise regimen I have ever stayed with. Did you happen to do measurements when you started? I bet those are super too!! Very well done! What are your plans now? 10K??

  • Thanks gdean! I've never stuck to anything either - it really is such a great programme that doesn't push you too far so you don't get disappointed but it always remains a challenge at the same time. My plan is to do a few weeks of running 5k three times a week and then possibly try the 5k+ podcasts. I'm not sure I'd want to run for much longer as I can get bored (even though I'm fortunate enough to run in beautiful countryside!) but I just love being fitter. I did also do my measurements and have lost a few inches (dropped 1-2 dress sizes which is nice) Where are you at on the programme?

  • We (smhall) do our grad run tonight if the weather cooperates! Continued well wishes sent!

  • FANTASTIC, TWEEKALA!!!!!!! You have an amazing accomplishment under your belt and a lot to be proud of!!! Keep Running and keep us posted!!

  • Thanks smhall! As I think you know I had a bit of a set-back with my graduation but I'm now feeling great and so happy to have finally done it. Just want to carry on getting really fit :-)

  • Well done on your wonderful achievement! Reluctanthusband and I should be joining you at the graduation ceremony later this week!

  • Hahaha! Enjoy the feeling of success! I was the reluctant wife and watched my husband spring out the door every other morning for the whole 9 weeks (usually I was still under the duvet) but his enthusiasm was infectious so I figured I'd tentatively start the programme myself - I never really believed I'd finished it. Good luck with your graduation :-)

  • Brilliant, tweekala74! We are graduation twins, did it last night! I too thought I would never *run* for 30 minutes, but here we are! Congratulations!

  • Well Rubbishrunner - looks like it's time you changed your profile name!! congratulations to you too. It is pretty incredible what we've been able to achieve :-) Let us bask in that glory for a while ;-)

  • Congratulations. You got there despite the set backs. Well done. I'm on week 6. Can't believe I'll run for 30 mins but seeing blogs like yours keep me going.

  • Thanks gaterunner - I'm glad my post has added to your confidence that you WILL make it. In a weird way it gets easier (at least that has been my experience) I think around week 4 was the hardest for me but after that I found moments where my pace felt more automatic and I had fewer and fewer arguments with myself as I ran i.e "urgh I don't want to do this" 'Well you KNOW you won't give up so get on and enjoy it" etc!!! Good luck, you'll graduate before you know it :-)

  • Going out to do my 25 mins tomorrow. Had a couple of days off feeling unwell but here's hoping I can do it. Thanks for your encouragement and again congratulkations.

  • Well done! And great weight loss (I'm a little jealous!). Congratulations!

  • Thanks Rollertoaster - my top tip (apart from doing the C25K obviously) is I used 'Food Focus' a free online food and fitness diary which really helped me get my head around the idea of 'consume less calories than you burn and you'll lose weight'. I couldn't have lost weight without it. It's not a diet you can eat what you like but you just have to account for all the food you put in your mouth which in itself creates an awareness and helps you to make a conscious decision about what to eat rather than eat on auto pilot. Well worth a look...

  • Congratulations on both graduating and the weight loss. Another one past the post who like me and many others didn't think we could do it at the outset. Congrats again. :)

  • Thanks nickf - it's such a great club to be in. It was so much more inspiring for me to read about the successes of people who are not naturally sporty or who've not always worked out in some way. I must say though that seeing my husband get up every other morning and plough through the programme was my biggest inspiration (it took me watching him from my bed for 9 weeks to realise how inspired I was but I got there in the end!!) happy running!

  • Well done Tweekala – enjoy your success – it's a great achievement! Keep us posted on what you do next. I've found the Speed and Stamina podcasts quite good. And there's something nice about just running free sometimes – not thinking about times or distances but just enjoying running.

  • That's a great tip daystogo about just enjoying running for running's sake. I guess I'm at that point now where I can 'freestyle' a bit!! These crisp autumnal mornings are such a great backdrop for running for pleasure :-) Thanks for the recommendations.

  • Go you! What a star! Very well done for completing the programme and well doe for losing the weight. It can only be onwards and upwards for you now!

  • Thanks Pelephant - my experience so far just makes me want to continue to improve my fitness, continue with the weight loss - I'd like to lose another 7lbs and continue to have more energy. The support on here is so fantastic so thanks for your comment :-)

  • Well done! Good for you and congrats on your graduation! I just got back from my W9R2 so I will be joining you in a few days. Let us know how the post-graduation runs go! (I haven't really made a plan myself yet so I will be listening to others)

  • Thanks canuckgirl - well done you too - it's a great feeling to get to where you are because you just know that by hook or by crook you're gonna graduate (I had a false final run as I got a random nosebleed half way through, no tissues and I was in the middle of the countryside so no shops!!. I had to walk back home feeling very sorry for myself but made it a couple of days later :-)

    I went out for my first 'post-grad' run today, I picked a different route and listened to my own music. It was a bit harder but I think the new route might be slightly up hill! However I feel great and I've lost another 1.5lbs this week. Good luck graduating :-)

  • That's amazing enjoy it and be so proud of yourself!

  • Thank you meggyann - feels good to have made it as i'm sure you know :-)

  • Well done you ...congrats on the graduation and the weight loss. Keep on enjoying your new found you!!!

  • Thank you Ginthestring - I do feel so much better - I've got a meeting today and have put on a dress that was too small for me a couple of months ago and now it fits perfectly. It's just soooo worth sticking with the programme :-)

  • Very many congratulations! I'm looking forward to finishing C25K very soon. I can't wait to see how I'll feel!

  • Just keep keeping on stridingedge! A key for me when I wake up and don't exactly love the idea of going for a run, is to focus on just getting in to my running kit (and not really thinking about the run) once I'm in my kit I find myself heading out the door! Good luck :-)

  • Well done-what a big day for you!!! Well earned too, as despite all your setbacks you never quit-truly a graduate! Congratulations!:-).

  • Thanks Pearsey - I think that's one of the key strengths of the programme that you kinda feel you'd be letting Laura down if you quit!!! It's delivered in bite-sized chunks so I never felt too daunted by what came next (not to say it wasn't always a challenge!) Happy running!

  • Ha! Ha! We think alike tweekala74! I'm 2 weeks behind you as from today :-)

  • Ahh you are sooo on the home straight now, those last 6 runs were my favourites I think. Good luck - you'll definitely do it now you're this far along!! :-)

  • Yes-not so far to look ahead now. Feels kind of weird, my life has changed so much in the last 6 weeks of training. I really love it-that feeling of elation when you've cracked it and you know that there's no going back, you can do it again and again, which is what i imagine you mean by the last 6 runs being favourites :-)

  • Yes absolutely, I can't say I ever feel like I 'can't wait' to get out there for a run but once I'm out there I know that I'll complete that day's challenge (unless of course I get a nosebleed say on W9R3 and have to stop and walk home with no tissues feeling very sorry for myself!!) but apart from that, I know I'm not going to stop so I might as well just get on with it and enjoy it! Hope you're last two weeks continue to make you feel elated - keep us posted :-)

  • Congratulations, Tweekala. Sorry it's a bit late, haven't managed much time on t'Internet this week so didn't see till now. You must feel very proud. Enjoy that feeling! X

  • Ahhh thanks Soozz - I do feel very happy to have actually completed the whole thing (went for my first post graduation run this morning, which was a bit harder but made me feel more like a proper runner!!) It's also nice to get the shiny green badge next to my name too!!! Happy running to you :-)

  • Woo hoo for that shiny badge!

  • *glint*

  • Congratulations, Tweekala. I graduated tonight, it is a good feeling finishing something that 9 weeks ago seemed impossible. This coming week I thought I would do Stepping Stones - any thoughts?

  • Hey Sloopy - CONGRATULATIONS on graduating. It is the best feeling knowing that somehow we made it even if we never imagined we could (that's not a common feeling for me as I can get bored part way through a project!) I've not heard of 'stepping stones'. I'll google it! Initially my plan is to do the 5k run three times a week (with weekends off) and as and when I get bored of that mix it up a bit by changing my route or maybe running a bit faster, adding in a hill (yeah right!). Can't find where to find stepping stones - can you point me in the right direction?

  • Well done Sloopy-Congratulations. Stepping stones, speed and stamina are all on the website listed together. Hope this helps :-)

  • Well done Sloopy-Congratulations. Stepping stones, speed and stamina are all on the website listed together. Hope this helps :-)

  • Great thanks pearsey, I'll go and take a look :-)

  • Great news, congratulations on graduating, you badge looks lovely :-)

  • Haha! Thanks - I'm rather proud of my badge - not sure I've ever been awarded a badge for anything (never was a Brownie and never did anything Blue Peterish). Happy running!

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