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International travel: still managing the programme

Here are my latest experiences. The first bit is posted in an earlier blog.

W4R1: another Sunday morning run at the track with my wife. First 5 minutes seemed to drag on a bit, but the second time was easier. We used Laura for this run, rather than the gymboss and it felt a bit odd being coached along … my wife had the headphones in and was repeating everything Laura said for my benefit which must have looked a bit weird to the others using the track! Well, I jogged along for five minutes straight, twice, and a total of 16 minutes running. Amazing really to look back on week 1 now!

W4R2: in Oxford for meetings. Went running and walking through the back streets at 7am with a colleague. This run seemed to pass more quickly, probably due to changing scenery and the conversations along the way. Ended up running a little way on cobblestones, which was a new experience. Will probably try the trails in the local park for my next run at home as the variety certainly seems to help.

W4R3: same as previous run … passing by the Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera and of course lots of beautiful university buildings and churches is rather nice. Lovely to be out in such a beautiful city.

W4R3x2: visiting relatives in another part of the UK. Run on a country road at the weekend. Not too much traffic thankfully. I turn back 2/3 way through each run so I can do the walking bits with one of said relatives who has come out to cheer me on. Meanwhile back at home the idea of running a half marathon in May seems to be gaining ground with my family, all of whom are on week 5 or 6 by now.

W4R3x3: in Rome for meetings. Get a message from DW that she has just done W6R1. As for me, I enjoy the cycle path along the Tiber, cool but not cold, nice morning sun, sounds of traffic above me, catching glimpses of the dome of St Peters and other historic buildings as I go. What a great way to start the day! Definitely ready to try W5, which I plan to start later this week at home, with a goal to complete weeks 5 and 6 before my next international trip in 3 weeks time.

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Great Blog ...even if it leaves me a tad jealous. Jogging along the Tiber - Wow


Wow! I'm jealous too! Makes my boring runs even that much more so! Congrats on getting ready to start week 5! My husband (smhall) is doing this with me also, its nice to have a spouse supporting you along the way. Your doing great! :-)


Absolutely incredible!! You are so fortunate to be able to experience such amazing scenery as you are enjoying your runs!! No worries...Weeks 5 and 6 will be in the books before you know it!! Keep Running!!!


Thanks for your comments. Good to be reminded how lucky I am to be seeing these places as I learn to run.


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