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I've been out already!!!

I'm very much an evening runner, I find it so hard to drag myself out of bed in the mornings, the thought of getting up extra early is, well just impossible really. I have great respect for everyone here, but especially so for those of you that get up and out at 5.30 or 6am. Well, today I joined you. I normally run on Wednesday evenings, Friday afternoon and 'early' Sunday morning (9am, but mainly coz Alex comes over and drags me out of bed and prods me with a big stick etc, if not it would be Sunday evening). I can't run tomorrow evening, can't put it off 'til Thursday as that would throw Friday and Sunday out, can't do this evening as I'm due at the gym so decided I would have to sacrifice some sleep time and run this morning (coz last week was soooo hard I thought I'd do this morning, then if I failed I could do tomorrow morning as second attempt). Figuring the aerodrome would be a bit too dark to run (see, I don't do before the sun comes up) I plotted a course round the roads up to the aerodrome and back. Urgh, the first 6 minutes was all up hill, gradual for the first 4 minutes or so, fairly steep for the next 2 minutes (only a few yards really, it just seemed to take it out of me). Then it was fairly flat and I got into my stride, apart from the odd moment when I had to pause briefly to let cars go when I wanted to cross (how rude they were to be on the roads when i wanted to run!). So up to the aerodrome, circle round the memorial and back along the roads again. The best bit? Remember that first uphill 6 minutes? Oh how nice to be running downhill for the last 5+ minutes. And I kept going at the end to get back to the bottom of the route leaving just the final uphill climb back home to be walked.

I was very pink faced when I got home, but over the moon as it was lots easier than last week.

Well I've had a shower, I must now get dressed, sort out my breakfast and walk to work..... Bye.

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Well done! My usual route starts off uphill, and it's great to be running back down as you come towards the end. I hope being up so early wasn't too much of a shock to your system, and it sets you up for a great day.


I'm usually with you Beads, if it is a choice of a warm bed or exercise I will stay in bed. :-) Sounds like a great run, especially the downhill part! So happy this week seems to be going well for you! :-)


Beads, I noticed the pic, are you a lover of beads or do you design them?


Yes and yes, though 'design' may suggest a bit more thought than actually goes into them, I 'design', make and attempt to sell glass beads as a self funding hobby. When I'm not running of course.


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